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Watch Dogs

Nine Minutes Of Multiplayer Gameplay

Ubisoft is giving us a new look at how players will interact in Watch Dogs. In a new nine minute gameplay video, we see one-on-one player-versus-player hacking, interaction with the mobile app, and team-based competitive play.

The one-on-one and mobile app races are familiar. We previewed them back at Gamescom. The former allows you to invade another player’s game to earn notoriety. The latter allows someone with the tablet companion app to take challenge console and PC players to a race. 

The new mode features two teams in a fight to capture and decrypt a file. Data can be stolen by being in close proximity, so teams will need to stay on the move in order to succeed. All of the multiplayer modes award points toward new skills.

Watch Dogs will be out on May 27 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. A Wii U version will be released later. You can read more in a recent hands-on preview.

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  • The second screen option is cool but I'm not interested in using it, but glad it's avaliable.
  • I´m o eager for this game, even more now that I found that this is in the same unniverse as assassins creed.
  • I am very excited for the multiplayer now, especially the team mode to decrypt the file.

  • The various NPC's pastimes are interesting (missing for 4 year)
  • Looks pretty good. I like driving a lot so I'm happy to see that cars seem to behave fine. I'm very much looking forward to getting my PC special edition next month.
  • Beautiful

  • Looks nice, but I don't like how your car just blasts through everything you hit.. like not even slight damage to the vehicle.
  • My excitement for this game has been renewed, partly because I've got nothing much to play right now.

  • So much want. This game looks great.

  • I'm still not sure if I want to buy this game, it just feels like AC (just like Blacklist did) with desmond's modern setting AC game that was teased for years and never got, and i'm tired of AC games. I think i'm going to wait and see how it turns out after release.
  • I want to play it, but I think I can wait for the first price drop. I think the split-gen really held it back.

  • This is cool, and the seamless nature of the multiplayer could be the future of how multiplayer is done. I really like the cat and mouse aspect of the multiplayer. I also like how that the other player appears as a randomly generated NPC. This looks great so far.

  • I am wondering how many competitive modes they will have for multiplayer. I'm hoping they have a good variety of modes and objectives. I know single player will already be great, but I see myself actually playing the multiplayer quite a bit. Maybe this will be what I had always hoped GTA would have been for multiplayer.

  • I swear GI you guys have the worst video player ever. I wish you would just upload it to your YT channel first.
  • The mobile app is only for tablets or is it on cell phones as well?
  • After the delay my excitement for this game waned quite a bit. It's definitely perked back up now though as the release date gets closer. I need something to play until Destiny anyway.

  • Wow this just made me want this game even more! This is a definite buy for me!

  • This looks amazing! Now I'm exited for the MP as well!

  • Not worried nor need MP in Watch Dogs but I'll try it.

  • lol that was pretty cool

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