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New Trailer Touts Nvidia Graphics Technology For PC Version

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs has taken some heat for downgrading the visuals of the console version from the game's reveal trailer. However, the PC version makes no such compromises.

The video shows off the game's virtual Chicago, which looks amazingly detailed thanks to some NVIDIA technology like "HBAO+" (horizon-based ambient occlusion, which allows for better shadowing) and improved anti-aliasing.

If the final PC game does indeed look like it does in this trailer when it releases, it should be impressive indeed.

  • and if people can mod it, wow.. that's definitely going to be cool to play WD on PC.
  • What!? High end PC's will have better looking games than everything else!? Well this is certainly the first i'm hearing of such a thing.
  • Hope I can use my PS4 controller for the PC version
  • I'd be worried if this wasn't the case.

  • I get that this is all fancy nvidia stuff, and that's awesome! But why hasn't Ubisoft shown us a video like this but for the console version? Just wondering.
  • I was very relieved when I saw this trailer yesterday. I'm very much looking forward to this again.
  • I'm pretty sure this is how it goes with every game ever. The PC version always looks better.

  • Hope my Radeon 7950 can handle it!
  • I'm really not that hyped for WD anymore. I was psyched like crazy when that first gameplay trailer was shown. But it seems like everything since then has kind of bummed me out about it.
  • This is going to look amazing on 4k screens.

  • I'm really disappointed in Matt Helgeson joining in on the whole "graphics downgrade" conspiracy. It in no way was downgraded from the E3 2013 showing which looked incredible on PS4. Will PC look better? Yes. They have extra resources to give extra touches like boosted anti aliasing. Will it look significantly better? No. They look nearly identical at 1080p as described by Jonathan Morin himself. Stop trying to acknowledge something that isn't there. I would expect this from neoGAF or N4G, but a professional publication like Gameinformer? That's just silly and disappointing.
  • Well its good to know that GI is hard at work with the "no ***" stories. Comparing A COMP vs console is unfair in its self and only promotes division in the glorious gaming community :-)
  • Better shadows and improved, I guess. I couldn't see it. On a side note, I've turned shadows off entirely in every game that gave that option.
  • I don't understand why we can't have PS4/Xbox One levels of details on this game like the PC version is getting. Yeah, I am definitely waiting for review videos before I buy on the PS4. Such a shame Ubisoft almost pulled a 'bait-and-switch' on gamers with their initial Watch Dogs videos for consoles making the game appearing to be like the PC version. I wish Ubisoft would just show some PS4/Xbox One videos instead of last-gen consoles and PC versions of the game.
  • Finally, PC gamers won't get a hobbled version of a AAA game. I hope those days are behind us.
  • So they're explaining what we all already know, that PCs are already more powerful than next-gen consoles no matter the gen the second that console's specs are decided upon because PCs keep getting newer and better parts, and that consoles can never truly compare because they're not upgradeable, can't have high prices, and have to be specially made and so give less bang for your buck as it is? I'm a console guy myself but there's just no contest. I am glad they decided to keep the PC version epic instead of scaling it down along with consoles though. *Also GI stop it with the site updates ya'll killed the line break!
  • Ohh I hate PC gamers and their showboating attitudes....
  • So this whole article was to point out the obvious? Good job Game Informer! It must be a really slow news day huh?

  • Honestly, I am just too lazy to go out and slap together a PC and I am fine with console graphics and I love a controller.

    Yes I know you can get a game pad, but still.

  • I'm still looking forward to this on the PS4.

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