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Crawling Through Sony’s Versatile Action RPG

Sony showed off one of their standout Vita titles during their E3 2011 press conference. Ruin, an action RPG, borrows heavily from the Diablo formula while leaving room for intriguing social media integration and clever use of the Vita’s tech. Players will be able to start a game on their Vita away from home, then effortlessly transfer progress onto their PS3 to continue play on the big screen. We recently got our hands on the game and came away even more interested.

Crawling through the dark dungeons of Ruin is a familiar journey; skeletons and other grunts lurch from and foolishly rush the overpowered qarrior. Developer Idolminds says each player begins with a character endowed with supernatural strength. Gameplay wise, this means players don’t start out with a cloth tunic and pocketknife, instead they’ll be rocking off enemies’ faces with powerful gear. Combat is a bit more complex than mindlessly clicking a button. The warrior class relies on stringing together light attacks which leave enemies open for devastating heavy attacks. This generously armored character also blocks with his massive shield and charges opponents to dole out quick damage. I even saw him mount a gigantic cave troll and shove his mace down the beast’s throat in a nasty execution. The gameplay isn’t fancy but it does the job. I’m interested in getting my hands on the assassin class, which specializes in dodging, ranged attacks with knives and arrows, and uses a combo system to string big damage.

Another promising Ruin feature other than the ability to transfer progress between the Vita and PS3 (as Sony isn’t sure if each version will need to be sold separately), is Ruin’s multiplayer. Players don’t play together, but instead interact in other meaningful ways. Friends can trade items with friends, while rivals attempt to breech other players’ lairs to score loot. To protect your lair while you’re not playing, players can set up powerful relics to augment their defensive minions. These same relics can be placed in different areas to boost your weapon crafting and personal stats. It all depends on your play style and priorities. Getting your lair raided won’t be an exercise in frustration, however, as developer Idolminds says there will some sort of benefit to enduring an enemy assault. Progress will also be linked to social media services Facebook and Twitter, so you’ll have even more posts for your friends to ignore.

Ruin looks great and played well on both the Vita and PS3. I noticed a little slowdown when playing on the Vita, but this early build may simply be having trouble keeping up with the impressive visuals. I’m interested to learn more about the game’s progression system and whether Sony is silly enough to charge gamers for a PS3 version and Vita version.

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  • What's a qarrior?

    "Progress will also be linked to social media services Facebook and Twitter, so you’ll have even more posts for your friends to ignore." LOL

    Also, speaking of dungeon crawlers...


  • If I buy the Vita game, and it comes with a code to download the PS3 version off PSN in the box, so I have access to both all the time for one purchase, then I'm sold. If I have to buy two completey different versions of the game, then this is pointless.
  • Hey LegolElf - I think sony could very well sell a single version that covers both platforms however I wouldn't be suprised to see the price go up from $60 to say $70 or $80.
  • i thought when i bought my iphone, my days of portable gaming systems was over. now sony is making me doubt that...

  • Man, I'm really impressed with the Vita's launch titles, especially this one. I am seriously considering getting a Vita now.

  • cool sony but  don't charge people for the game on different version of the game.

  • Not interested in portable gaming really, so I think I will just wait for Diablo III.
  • I thought they (being Sony) said Vita games come in two flavors; Download (via PSN) or physical copy. I'd think that if it is downloadable then it should be accessible on either system, so a one time purchase. If you buy the physical version then it should come with a voucher for the digital version on PSN. That would be logical and turn more people on to the game instead of shelling out 100+ right after shelling out 250 for the Vita.

  • think it should be like half price for each seperate kinda or a little less than full n have the full price or slightly more expensive bundle

  • Cool.

  • Looks pretty awesome kinda iffy on the whole social thing Other than that awesome!!!!

  • Very excited.  This game can satisfy me until Diablo III hits shelves.

  • I am interested in this game what with the connectivity to the PS3 and what with the price being announced for the PSV it's looking like I might be able to get it :)

  • "Progress will also be linked to social media services Facebook and Twitter, SO YOU’LL HAVE EVEN MORE POSTS FOR YOUR FRIENDS TO IGNORE."

    ^ This. XD

    I think the Facebook/Twitter feature is pointless, but whatever floats your boat.