To be fair, what this game lets me play of it, I'm loving it. However, I am playing on an iPad gen 2, and it WILL NOT STOP FREEZING/CRASHING/LOCKING-UP.  It happens when it blanks the screen to show my me a list if enemies I am about to fight, usually when I am changing rooms, but now it has also happened when I was ambushed In a hallway.  This is so frustrating. Because, even with the random element mentioned in the editor's review, this is one satisfying dungeon-crawling loot-fest.  But... I can't play the dang game.  I will up the score if I have any better luck on my iPhone 4S, but not by much, do to the fact that I prefer my mobile gaming on a larger screen.  Sadly, I am hoping others are experiencing this problem with enough frequency that a patch will roll out soon, cause I am totally sold otherwise.  O_o