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  • Blog Post: My Kingdom for a Chainsword

    The Warhammer franchise is a well-known if yet still surprisingly niche-like universe. A world of eternal war between races familiar and not, spanning over thousands of years of bloodshed in the name of conquest -- with thick British accents and an overt sincerity to character that most fiction would... More
  • Blog Post: It was fun, but I wanted so much more...

    Your first hour or so will be a blast. This game gives you several ways in which to splatter Ork-brains all over the screen, and Captain Titus is extremely adept at doing just that. With weapons out the wazoo, you'll carve a swath through Ork after Ork... after Ork... after... uh... more Orks...... More
  • Blog Post: Very poor

    This game was pitiful there where not many enjoy able parts. I recommend you play dawn of war first it is better its for pc,. More
  • Blog Post: Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Review.

    Game : Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Developer : Relic Entertainment Genre : Third-person shooter, Hack and Slash System : PC Rating : M (Blood, Gore, Violence) At first glance Warhammer 40K: Space Marine may look similar to Gears of War, but once you start up the game, you realize that Space Marine is... More
  • Blog Post: Kill em’ orks baby

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The game mostly comprises of killing orks. Which shouldn’t be a problem since it turns out to be fun as hell. The gameplay was solid and watching the blood fly out of your enemy when you cut them in half with your chainsword... More
  • Blog Post: solid

    this game was pretty good, wasnt so impressed with the campaign i have to agree that the levels got very repetitive and i never played the tabetop game but i did bone up on some of the warhammer lore so i wasnt completely in the dark in terms of the storyline and the space marines in general. its quite... More
  • Blog Post: I'm a Space Marine!

    This game is really good. I've played this game and it's got some of the best action and weopens in any game I've played and I've played lots of games. And I've read good reveiws on it and of course I've seen the commercials. More
  • Blog Post: A MUST TRY

    I really enjoyed this game, I was so shocked at how many people on my friends list sent me messages asking me what I was playing, my answer was " did u watch E3, if so then you would have heard about this". I didn't play online yet just because I really liked the campaign and thinking about... More
  • Blog Post: Waaaghs up?

    I liked the game - The difficulty was constant for the most part, with a few spikes and a few situations that I kept having to retry due to some cheap mechanics(mainly involving rokkit launchers). The assault sequences were really a blast but had a few slight missteps where you end up missing a ledge... More
  • Blog Post: Long Time Black Templar Fan-Thank you THQ

    Start off with the Bad like I always do with my reviews: Reasons this game didn't get a 10 from me: 1. Lack of CO-OP mode. That was my number one pet peeve with this game so far. My buddies and I are heavy Space Marine fans. This game was totally going to keep our attention for awhile on Story Mode... More
  • Blog Post: A decent game to tide ya over until Gears 3

    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is, I would say, a decent third person shooter. Now as I havent played the other Warhammer games, i didnt understand what the story was so I looked up the main story arc from the previous ones online. From what i read about the previous games and then paying attention to... More
  • Blog Post: warhammer's gonna be awesome

    This game is gonna be awesome.I can't stop playing the demo,just wish it was a little longer.Everytime i play it i kinda get the feeling i'm playing gears of war even though the warhammer franchise has been out way longer then the gears of war series.Can't wait for sep 6 to get here.Warhammer... More
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