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  • Blog Post: It was fun, but I wanted so much more...

    Your first hour or so will be a blast. This game gives you several ways in which to splatter Ork-brains all over the screen, and Captain Titus is extremely adept at doing just that. With weapons out the wazoo, you'll carve a swath through Ork after Ork... after Ork... after... uh... more Orks...... More
  • Blog Post: solid

    this game was pretty good, wasnt so impressed with the campaign i have to agree that the levels got very repetitive and i never played the tabetop game but i did bone up on some of the warhammer lore so i wasnt completely in the dark in terms of the storyline and the space marines in general. its quite... More
  • Blog Post: warhammer's gonna be awesome

    This game is gonna be awesome.I can't stop playing the demo,just wish it was a little longer.Everytime i play it i kinda get the feeling i'm playing gears of war even though the warhammer franchise has been out way longer then the gears of war series.Can't wait for sep 6 to get here.Warhammer... More
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