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The game mostly comprises of killing orks. Which shouldn’t be a problem since it turns out to be fun as hell.  The gameplay was solid and watching the blood fly out of your enemy when you cut them in half with your chainsword was strangely satisfying. 

I found the story compelling but most found it too short.  The graphics weren’t terrible but they weren’t great either.  The execution animations got repetitive. You can’t skip cutscenes.  

And the multiplayer….ohhhhhhh the multiplayer.  There really aren’t a lot of game types in multiplayler…which is a huge disappointment.  Sure they added Exterminatus mode but why the hell wasn’t it there to begin with?  An up to this is that you can customize your own Space/Chaos Marine but you don’t have all the armor unlocked going in.  You have to unlock while you play. LAMESAUCE.  But for those of you that do the expensive hobby of collecting and painting the 40k figures, they have all the official colors in the game.  Gotta have that Chaos Black.   

I know there’s a lot of negativity going on up above but honestly this game was one of the funnest games I played in 2011, but for the length of the story and the little multiplayer you can just wait till the price drops on this unappreciated game.