Start off with the Bad like I always do with my reviews: Reasons this game didn't get a 10 from me:

1. Lack of CO-OP mode. That was my number one pet peeve with this game so far. My buddies and I are heavy Space Marine fans. This game was totally going to keep our attention for awhile on Story Mode...but they didn't drop it at release. (Rumor of DLC/Patch coming soon?)

2. Lack of Game Modes for Multiplayer. They have Team Death Match (Annihilation) and Conquest (Seize Ground). Really? No Horde type mode for this kind of game?!? No Mode of you and 2-3 Pals just tearing up Waves of Orcs holding a Bunker or Base down? No Tyranid Waves with you and your buddies? They could have done Kill Team in 3D for this game...and they did not...*** shame.

3. Customization issues: I was hoping for no Helmet/put your face in the game. (Think Commander Shepard but 40K). Now this isn't a BIG issue: I STILL Get my Blacktemplars, I am one happymothersucka. Even then, the Customization vs Pre-Set Armor (I got the Pre-order bonus of Black Templar/space Wolves) the Black Templar set was down right detailed as all hell...but not the customizable one you can do yourself...sad. ALSO, YEA Jump my ass if you want for being a full blone nerd: Battle Sisters. There is plenty of Ranks of Women Warriors, you think males are the only ones who play 40k? C'mon son! (Holds cardboard sign up). It would have been fun to mix it up and not only Chaos Marines vs Space Marines, but Chaos Marines, Necron's, Tyranids, and Orkz....They dropped an MMO, I know they could get some people to help out putting more animations etc...

4. No VEHICLES IN MP. I'm a Huge Black Templar Fan, so you know we roll with some choppers and some tanks, and lots of heavy suited vehicle weaponary. My favorite unit is the Motorcycle/Chopper Units with Gatling Gun Side-Cars. That would have been fun if they had a Horde Mode like Highway situation vs Tyranids or Orks IF THEY HAD those Game modes...

5. Spawn Killing. Worst thing you could ever do in an MP. I feel like THQ didn't test their MP very well with this passing final product.

Before you jump my issues with The ability to do any of above: This is THQ, Makers of Red Faction Free Roam Games, Saints Row, so Vehicles can be done properly by them.

-------Now to the good: Reason this got an 8.50:

1. Awesome Multiplayer. Action is Fluid. I have some issues with Corner sniping people but other then small crap that happens in any and all shooters...This one is awesome. Its Tribes + Gears with Warhammer Skins.

2. Story is awesome, voice acting is superb. I've been quoting the Orks all day at work to

3. Graphics are great. Not SUPER ZOMG, but great  for this series. I thought some of the animations and such for killing Orks was abit...meh...but vs Other players its great.

4. Weapon Selection, Warbrand Selection, Armor Selection = Superb. It might take you awhile to make the Marine you always wanted to, but so far the items I've liked back when I used to paint these figurines back in grade school (I'm only 24 :P I used to play this back in like 8th grade-Highschool) they have alot of the stuff I've been waiting for them to make a solid Multiplayer Game of this. Heavy Bolter, ***, This Mini-gun is the best mini-gun ever to be put in a video game. Sasha and Heavy from TF2 can take a back seat finally and we're going to call The Heavy Bolter: Lisa. Da Vinci would have painted this gun had it been made back in his time...The gun is done beautifully, and it feels like a heavy gun thanks to the way you have to move with it.

5. Server issues: Almost Non-existant. I've only had one laggy game out of about 20-30. Which is decent for a Just Launched Title.

6. Community, I've yet to run into some COD Types...blurt stupid random swear word and have his four circle jerk buddies follow up...Na...Majority of the people I've met either have no mic, or were very friendly/humorous about small stuff.. I.E "I think I win because my kills and Deaths are the same number". Nothing "ZOMG YOU SPAM THIS ISH..." or "ZOMG YOU [insert gun name] SCRUB!".

7. Personal TIdbit: You included the Black Templar Skins. You already have a score above 5 from me just for this alone. Had this been Black Templar: Space Marine, It would have gotten a 9. :) (Yes I'm Biased).

To People who don't know me (Which is majority of you here on GameInformer): I like Occult games, small follower types, Dynasty Warriors 7, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc...this game was *** near perfect for a long time fan like myself. I can only hope Patches/DLC/Possible Expansion Packs come to this game.