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A decent game to tide ya over until Gears 3

     Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is, I would say, a decent third person shooter. Now as I havent played the other Warhammer games, i didnt understand what the story was so I looked up the main story arc from the previous ones online. From what i read about the previous games and then paying attention to the story of Space Marine, i felt it kept many of the major plot points from the others. Hardcore fans will might find things off, but for someone like me who wanted just the major part of the story, it keeps well.

     Time for the good: the gunplay is solid and responsive, and melee is a blast, even with the odd camera and lack of targeting with melee. character designs are creative and suprised me(remember this was my first Warhammer game ever), and like i pointed out in the above passage, the story seems to follow the majority of previous titles. environments also pop out at you, weapons both look and work well. Now for the bad: Camera angles are odd when doing melee, sometimes i couldnt see who i was attacking or if i was attacking anyone at all, clipping issues with the environment happened often, sometimes i would end up attacking somebody through a wall, this happens a lot with the takedowns also. the lack of a cover system confused me, as it would seem most third person shooters(and some first person shooters) have a wall hugging feature, and as you cannot crouch in Space Marines, low cover is not an option. This is also not a great place to start the series from, i know i have said this or something similar tho this a lot, but i think that is what really annoys me the most.

     As i said, this is a decent game to play if you want something to tide you over until Gears of War 3 or just really like Warhammer.

  • this was my first attempt at making a review that would be seen by people other than myself and friends. if you have any ideas on how i could improve, i would love to hear them!
  • Starting with the bad and then moving onto good is a nice touch, as it leaves a more pleasant vibe after reading (rather then the usual low note a lot of reviewers use). Though you sort of slipped into the negative towards the end of the positive points.

    Work on grammar and proof read before posting. It would probably be better to split the specifics of the good and the bad a bit more (e.g Talking about the bad then the good of gameplay, then the bad and the good of the visuals and so on...)

    I should also mention that Space Marine isn't actually a part of a "series". It's somewhat independent of Relics "Dawn of War" series, though both are set in the same Universe (Warhammer 40k). I wouldn't be surprised if Relic left some winks and nods to their Dawn of War series, but it's only for the fans.

    Other then that, its a nice, concise breakdown of the game and I agree with the points being made.
  • Thanks, as I said this is my first review that has been seen by people I don't know. Any and all advice is accepted, and thank you David for what you said. grammar is not my srtong suit, and I always forget to proof read. I am trying to get better at it though.