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Crytek's Free-To-Play FPS Warface Moves Out Of Beta On Xbox 360

Since last month, Crytek's Warface has been in open beta for Xbox 360, but today the game officially moves out of beta and into official release.

If you've been interested in playing Warface, getting into the game has simply been a matter of downloading it, but starting today, it will begin receiving regular updates offering daily co-op campaign missions, new multiplayer maps, and new weapon upgrades.

The game offers four different classes to play as with the rifleman, sniper, medic, and engineer classes. The game will feel familiar to anyone who has played Crysis as it is built with the same engine and uses similar gun modifying mechanics, which you can see in the trailer below.

For more on Warface, check out our in-depth preview.

[Source: Xbox]

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  • I don't want to bust out my 360 though. Im getting a little tired of games not coming out on new consoles. I don't know how much I would play this but this, dark souls 2, borderlands the presequel, and final fantasy 13-3 have all been last gen only ( I know the next borderlands isn't out yet but it wont be this gen) and its getting a little annoying.
  • I must give this a try

  • I tried playing this game a few weeks back during the open beta and it was a lag infested mess. I guess I'll give it another try, keeping my expectations very very low.
  • Crytek eh? I think their games are best played on PC or a console that can do above 32fps. I played little of Crysis 3 on the PS3 and that was was repulsed at its performance (but not totally unexpected).

  • I enjoyed Warface on PC-until it stopped recognizing my keyboard and I couldn't play anymore lol

  • Been trying to play this for a few days now and it's been a broken buggy wreck on the 360
  • This game was lagging so much when I first tried it on PC. I wonder if it's a lot better now. I'll give it another try sometime soon.

  • Why would you play this when you could be playing Titanfall?
  • It's a pay2win shooter. No, thanks. I have Battlefield 4 and Titanfall....

  • Will there be an xbox one version?

  • I tried it during beta on 360, and the lag was horrible, to the point it was unplayable. I'm also skeptical about F2P after Happy Wars, since these games usually become pay to win.
  • This trailer kind of over hypes this game. I wasn't to thrilled with the beta but I'm definitely going to play it now that it's in full release.

  • I didn't even know about this game can't wait to try it out.

  • After a few updates stabilized my connection, I've been having a blast with this game in the beta. Now that it's at full release and getting more updates, fixes, and features, it'll be even better. Kudos to Crytek for doing free-to-play the right way!

  • Would have tried this if I hadn't gotten rid of my 360 for the next gen systems