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Customize Your Weapon On The Fly In Warface

Crytek has released a new trailer for Warface, which shows off the real-time weapon customization featured in its free-to-play shooter.

The video highlights the ability for players to switch out scopes, muzzles, and rails on the fly during matches. While some attachments will offer simple improvements such as greater range or stability, others like bayonets and silencers prove to be more valuable. The video also shows off Warface's visuals, which are mighty impressive for a free-to-play shooter.

Warface officially launches this spring, though Crytek invites players to participate in the beta by signing up at

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  • I really like that feature in Crysis so, I wonder how it will do in an online multiplayer match. Also, Im really liking the physics.

  • Warface is garbage. The movement is slow and clunky. It had a good game underneath but the controls are just so bad. Sprinting speed feels like a slow jog in any other game. And this is one of those games with clunky strafing, where you're most effective running forward and steering with the mouse.
  • 0:47, a bayonet on a pistol just seems so much worse than on a rifle for some reason.

  • PS4 please!!!!
  • I can just imagine how much i would get shot while trying to change my weapons

  • Well that looked... Weird.

  • Well I'm completely disappointed from Crytek after Crysis 2&3.

    None of them couldn't be as fun as the first game.

    I hope they change my mind with this.

  • I can see this being abused and abused and abused. Interesting idea but it is not practical. Anyone who has played COD MW2 knows this already. Next game please...

  • wish the site would work so I could sign up for the beta, it went from looking eh to looking wow lol

  • hey will you guys take a survey for my english 102 class please? I need responses.

  • You could already do this in the last Crysis...
  • I've been in the beta for a few days now. I really like this game. But I'm having a tough time getting used to a keyboard and mouse. So today I'm going to use my PS3 controller and see how that goes.

    Crytek says eventually all of their games will be F2P. I wouldn't be surprised if Warface is ported to next-gen consoles next year.
  • Yay!!! A noob-tube

  • Cool

  • Crytek doesn't make anything bad it seems.

  • Looks like a solid shooter.