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Playing Nice Together In Crytek's Warface

Warface, the free to play shooter from the folks behind games like the original Far Cry and Crysis, shows off its cooperative side in the latest trailer.

It's hard to believe that Warface is going to be free to play, because it is looking mighty sharp. You can see Crysis' impressive physics shine through as bodies react to shotguns being fired into their chests. No word on a release date or window for the game, but we've reached out to publisher Trion Worlds for more information. For the time being, you can go ahead and reserve your username by heading to Warface's website.

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  • This looks sick

  • Looks awesome. Too bad I don't have a gaming computer.

  • That looks really good for a free to play.

  • interesting

  • I will look into this, it may be fun.

  • The major defect with this game is this GFace system they are trying to force us to use. I have played both on the US and the RU games and the RU are far superior in so many ways. This GFace plugin system they are using is terrible and they are trying to make what could be a great game into a game that goes on their own FaceBook type system. The public has been in a up-roar about it saying we don't want it. but they choose to ignore us and force us to use it. We feel it offers nothing to the table and is just a waste of resources all together. We the playing population do have a petition up trying to make them understand that we don't want it. If we want FaceBook, we will go to FaceBook. What we want is a game that is worth wild for us that like to level up faster feel worth investing our money into it.

    Overall, this plugin system they are running seems to cause more issues then its worth and as the playing pop, we just don't want it. They say they want feedback, they say they listen to us, yet, every time we say something, they do the exact opposite and in all honestly, what you see in the trailers is NOT what you get on the current game, unless if you play on the RU game client. Overall, the game is not bad, but they system with the plugin instead of a normal launcher, and this social network they are trying to develop for the game is what is killing it. I hope someone can get through to them and for them to say hey, maybe we need to go in a different direction.