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Playing Nice Together In Crytek's Warface

Warface, the free to play shooter from the folks behind games like the original Far Cry and Crysis, shows off its cooperative side in the latest trailer.

It's hard to believe that Warface is going to be free to play, because it is looking mighty sharp. You can see Crysis' impressive physics shine through as bodies react to shotguns being fired into their chests. No word on a release date or window for the game, but we've reached out to publisher Trion Worlds for more information. For the time being, you can go ahead and reserve your username by heading to Warface's website.

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  • Free to play games are getting more and more good looking and complex, hopefully it's not an unbalanced Pay to Win affair.
  • Hah. This is free to play and it STILL looks better than COD. I'm in.

  • free to play, pay to win.

  • whoa... THIS is free to play, I agree waaaay better than COD. This is 1 fps I'd actually play (Far Cry 3 looks beast)
  • warface? well... i guess it's a better title than warfighter. coming next year metal of honor: gunshooter. and madden: ballcatcher. lol.
  • Mod
    I'm surprised they didn't call it War Cry. Too similar to Far Cry, I guess? And I suppose Cryface sends the wrong message...
  • What's with the physics? I see people flying all over the place from getting shot. Mythbusters already proved that it doesn't work that way. Other than that, looks awesome!
  • wow looks freakin sweet

  • I could honestly care about all the Crytek games except for Crysis. Give me Crysis 3 :)

  • awesome graphics... im gonna try this!

  • Wow.  This looks pretty nice.

  • I don't see why anyone with 60 dollars would want to play this over a paid-for game like Battlefield or Call of Duty. I don't see anything unique about it that a more well-known franchise can't provide. I play Tribes: Ascend and TF2, both F2P games. But I play them because they offer unique experiences that can't be found in other games. With them I don't see Free to Play, I see wholly unique video games. With this, all I see is Free to Play shooter.
  • anything that stops dummies from wasting money on COD I'm all for it!

  • And to all those comparing BF3 to a F2P or COD are haters, they're not even in the same league. Those defibrillators look alot like Bad Company's Defib's?  

  • can i play this on about a 3 year old sony laptop? (no graphics card or anything in it, just the simple basic laptop) i like these kind of pc games but i doubt my laptop is able play them
  • Can't tell if this is competitive play or against AI.

  • Wow this looks nice.

  • Warface almost a year in Russia

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