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War of the Vikings

Hands-On With War of the Vikings

I had the opportunity to sit down and try Paradox Interactive’s multiplayer close-quarters combat game War of the Vikings at PAX East 2014. It’s a gritty title with a heavy emphasis on melee combat, while match structure feels similar to the kind of thing you’d find in a traditional FPS, the combat elements make the game shine. There’s not much that can equal the rush of victory that comes with a heavy-handed overhead axe blow that takes down an opponent in a single swing.

Players can select from a variety of loadout templates and choices, from the two-handed champion to other classes that can use bows to pick off foes from range. The bow may seem like it could be an overpowered tool in a game with such a heavy melee focus, but it’s balanced because it leaves the player incredibly vulnerable as it’s being pulled back to fire.

Combat is frenetic, fast, and fun, with the game sessions I played lasting around 10 minutes each. The in-your-face fighting style seems to carry a lot of impact and has more of a personal touch than blasting away with a gun at range.

War of the Vikings is currently available as a Steam Early Access title, but will be launching officially on Tuesday. After getting a taste of the brutal melee action, I’m eager to take another look at the title after launch.

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  • sounds like chivalry: medieval warfare.
  • You know what they should do is, make a Vikings game based on the show Vikings on the history channel. Now that is a game I would play the crap out of.
  • Now that the new generation systems are essentially downgraded PCs, I really hope that in a few years a lot of these titles that are normally available ONLY on PC, start to make there way over to the next-gen systems. I think it would be good for both the industry and the consumer. But that's just a personal opinion and hope!
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a much better game imo.

  • Is this that game that looks like a reskinned War of the Roses? Because War of the Roses was a crappy game.
  • I'd rather be a Nord in Skyrim.....

  • This sounds like something I'd really enjoy.

  • The game does look very good and sounds very promising.

  • I would have liked to play this game, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Definitely something to keep an eye on.