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  • Blog Post: VVVVV- A Classic Hit.

    Let me tell you , when i first saw VVVVV w hile zooming around Nintendo 'E" Shop, i said, "What The F?' It looked rather dull, but after my friend said that i should give it a go, i decided to give it a whirl, After all, i've got nothing to lose, right? Graphics: I have to disagree... More
  • Blog Post: VVVVVV

    Never has the letter V seemed so appealing... I first encountered VVVVVV, an Indie game created by Terry Cavanagh, on the Steam-powered application created by Valve, where I was immediately impressed with the low budget, all creativity game. Cavanagh has created other independent games such as Don't... More
  • Blog Post: Good Game... Extremely Hard

    VVVVV is a great game, but at times it can be very unforgiving. I often found myself getting angered at the game with how quickly I died in certain points of the game. Yet, the concept, soundtrack, and graphics for the game are pretty awesome. Loved it. More
  • Blog Post: Easily the best platformer on eShop.

    If VVVVVV had been made before all those other platformers on 3DS and DSiWare people would have bought it and seen how awesome it was. Since there are so many other crappy platformers on the software, I could see how at one glance people would quickly mistake this for all those other horrid games. If... More
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