Let me tell you, when i first saw VVVVV while zooming around Nintendo 'E" Shop, i said, "What The F?' It looked rather dull, but after my friend said that i should give it a go, i decided to give it a whirl, After all, i've got nothing to lose, right?


Graphics:  I have to disagree with Game Informer's review, as i found the 3D Effect helping to pop out the levels. As for the real graphic style, i was quite delighted over the Comodore look of things.

Sound: Chiptune, earbusting, amazing soundtrack. Need i say more?

Gameplay: It's a great concept, but some of the levels were so hard, i had to turn on being immune to spikes and such. (Yes, there is an option to that.)

Replay Value:  High. Get the trinkets! SOUND GALORE!

Overall, this title is a great game. The only complaint is that the level editor is not in the version. Bummer. But besides that, it's a truly amazing indie game. Right up there with Super Meat Boy.

Now get a sequel already!

Later, jordanthegamer

PS: Uh, is that Pac-Man in there?