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Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Hands On With Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Virtua Fighter 5 is approaching its third iteration since releasing on the 360, PS3, and arcades in 2007. This new version, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, benefits from a new character, gameplay balancing, and a tutorial mode that is actually helpful – something hard to find in today’s fighters. I got the chance to go a few rounds with the game during GDC 2012. The straightforward title may be the easily accessible downloadable fighter you’ve been waiting for.

The downloadable markets are mostly populated with older fighters like Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Soul Calibur, and the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, however, offers gamers an enhanced, digital version of a fighter that released earlier this generation to glowing reviews. Fortunately, this version benefits from all the balancing tweaks and other changes that have previously been reserved for Japanese arcades.

Sega has incorporated new costumes, arenas, and animations to breathe some new life into this version. This is a much more subdued experience when compared to the glitz and over-the-top aesthetics of Capcom’s fighters, but it still looks solid.

To start things off I chose newcomer Jean Kujo, a French fighter with white hair and a crazy red outfit. Jean brings the total number of combatants up to 19. Despite being unfamiliar with the series’ control scheme, I was able to get through matches with a mix of mashing and deliberate combos. The game only utilizes a guard, punch, and kick button, which makes learning the basics easy. However, diving deeper you’ll discover each direction of the analog stick or joystick alters each move. After a few rounds I got a good feel for the rhythm, and was successfully juggling opponents in the air and knocking them out of the ring.

My favorite aspect of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is the user-friendly tutorial mode. Similar to other fighters, you work through moves and combos of progressive complexity, learning each characters’ rhythm as you do. But unlike many other fighting games, each combo is accompanied by a video showing how a specific flurry of punches is supposed to look. This removes the pain of guessing timing windows in practice mode. I wish more fighters would steal this idea.

Not impressed by everything I’ve mentioned thus far? Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown also includes simplified controls for newcomers and online play for one-on-one battles and tournaments. Sega says online pugilists can look forward to matches with "little latency." The game looks like it could have a lot to offer Virtua Fighter fans, or general fighting enthusiasts looking for a disc-free game that’s always ready to go on their console. Look for it this summer on PSN and XBLA.

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  • I could get behind this at the right pricepoint. Lord knows I'd prefer this to a fighter I can't play (Capcom fighters, SNK fighters, pretty much any 2d fighters).
  • But whats the price? cause come on, they should give US disc holder just the separated DLC, so we have it, but to buy the game again? sure VF5 is a amazing game! but I don't like buying a new game when i still have the original disc.

  • Remember when Sega was king of arcades and each new VF release ushered in the BEST in 3d graphics technology?  I miss those days.

  • i could definitely get behind this...for the right price

  • VF is still one of my alltime favorite franchises.  Sure, VF3 on Dreamcast was pretty weak, but the first one, VF2, VF4 and VF5 have been phenomenal games that put most other fighters out there to shame.  

    I wonder if this, plus Akira being a playable character in DOA5 means that Sega is looking to continue the series soon?  Maybe we'll see VF6 before this generations done?

  • Meh, i'll stick to Mortal Kombat.

  • cash grab

  • I downloaded the original VF5 on XBLA a few months ago and it has already become one of my favorite fighting game series alongside Tekken and Dead or Alive.

    It doesn't have a steep learning curve and Quest mode provides a near limitless amount of replayability for all skill levels. I'm excited for Final Showdown and all the tweaks and new features it's bringing, I'm just sad I have to wait until the summer to play it.

  • ill stick to DOA. I used to love this game back when (vf1 2 and 3) but the newer games in this series have yet to give me more than a few characters. Im still waiting on another defense mechanism other than blocking and scant timing on the dodging... the net code still needs work and im not sure that this release will fix that...im hoping that vf6 introduces something new and different!

  • I never got into Virtua Fighter. I never got into Tekken or DoA either. I'm a 2D fighting fan, the only 3D fighter I play seriously is Soul Calibur.

  • i am over saturetad with fighters... i love it!

  • That's cool. It's nice to see Sega fix things; I mean, releasing this early on this generation for PS3 "exclusively", but saying online play couldn't be done was lame. Then releasing it on Xbox 360, with online play, was even lamer. So it's good to see them release this as a digital game for both platforms WITH online play, and not charging $60 bucks for it.

    It's not quite a new franchise (though Majesco and Kung Fu Factory are bringing out the surprisingly not terrible-looking Girl Fight to XBLA and PSN), nor is it a cool reinvention (Dead or Alive 5...which also features Virtua Fighter's Akira), but this is still an interesting looking fighter that's probably worth the purchase. Good to see it coming.

  • The game that Kyle was looking for

  • I clicked the image thinking it was Tekken X Street Fighter because the thumbnail looked like the 3d Models of E. Honda and Ken

  • Looks horrible.

  • I'm so bad at fighting games that I have no interest in playing this game.