Virtua Fighter 5 was released on consoles back in October 2007, but that's not the end of the story. Sega may have stopped updating the console a few months after it came out, but it was given a host of tweaks, balancing patches, and other revisions in Japanese arcades. Players would have had to track down an arcade cabinet to enjoy the enhancements, until now. Sega has announced that Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown will be available as a standalone downloadable release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network next summer.

According to the publisher, Final Showdown is the definitive version of the fighting game, which adds those features that have never before been available on consoles. They include simplified controls for beginners, new fighting arenas in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a one-on-one online battle system. Sega says that online matches will feature "little latency." The game includes 19 playable characters, including returning Virtua Fighter 3 favorite Taka-Arashi and a new character, Jean Kujo.

Check out the trailer below to see it all in action.