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Epic Games Gives A Sneak Peek Of Concept Art In This Video Preview

As part of an initiative to give fans unparalleled access to the development of the recently announced Unreal Tournament revival, Epic Games recently took to livestream to talk about (and show off) new work-in-progress concept art and visual clarity in the upcoming shooter.  

In the archived video below, Epic Games’ Community Manager Stacey Conley, Senior Designer Jim Brown, Environmental Artist Josh Marlow, and Art Director Chris Perna have a candid discussion about where the game is at this point in development, give a sneak peek at “working” concept art, and explain the game’s “visual clarity,” and how they want the game to look. They also answer fan questions and introduce Gameplay Programmer Pete Knepley.

With the Unreal Tournament revival, Epic Games is trying something different. Ever since the studio revealed it is working on the game in May, Epic has attempted to communicate and collaborate as much as possible with the Unreal Tournament fan community. UT4 Developers and Epic staff produce Twitch streams such as the one above often, have been paying attention to the online forums, and even have an ongoing blog updated with news of progress.     

Unreal Tournament is being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is still early in development, and there is no release schedule as of yet. When the game does come out, Epic says it will be completely free (NOT free-to-play). Modding will be made available, and developers and modders will be able to sell modded content via a dedicated marketplace. 

There’s bound to be plenty more news from Epic on the ongoing saga of Unreal Tournament’s development, so if you’re interested, check out the blog for periodic updates, or the Unreal Tournament wiki for more info on this new development strategy.

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  • What little we see of it still looks pretty. Of course it's a good showcase for UI 4, and it's excellent lighting.

  • I was really hoping for some gameplay, can't wait for this game though.

  • This game looks like it will be awesome, too bad its PC only, even though it's free I still can't run it. UT3 was actually one of my favorite shooters of last gen I love the arena style shooters.
  • God I hope console, too. I can run the original UT on my pc, but this? Hell no. I'm lucky UT runs, so I'm really hoping for a console port. Please please please please Epic!!!! Having some major FPS fatigue. Wolfenstein helped, but this? This would be f*cking legendary. Please bring it to console, Epic. You could be my hero, baby.
  • Been a fan of ut since ut2003. Love this style of shooter.
  • Been a fan of ut since ut2003. Love this style of shooter.

  • Hopefully they start showing off more "concepts" so the community can have a more solid understanding of what they can focus on and the style they need to emulate. It would be cool to get in on this if I had the time. I certainly need to do more kit bashing though.

  • i'm no good at arena shooters.

  • Lokks amazing, welcome back UT! Been missing you since UT99.

  • I have not yet played any UT games (the only arena shooter I've played at all is Quake Live), but I am very excited for this installment. Dat UE4 doe.

  • I'm looking forward to this. I don't normally play multiplayer-oriented shooters (or multiplayer-oriented games in general), but I like UT and Quake.