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Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Take A Tour Of Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Uncharted: Golden Abyss was one of the many PlayStation Vita titles at TGS, and this developer walkthrough takes you through two of the game's levels.

John Garvin, creative director of the game at developer Sony Bend, takes us through a number of the game's controls and features, showing Nathan Drake and Marisa Chase in action.

A release date for Uncharted: Golden Abyss has not been determined yet, but it looks like it's in good enough shape to hit the Vita's launch – which is expected in early 2012 in the U.S.

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  • Unfortunately, I'll spend all my money on the system itself.

  • I want a vita.

  • This is pretty much why I will be buying a Vita! It looks great!

  • this might be enough to sell me on this system by itself.

  • if i buy the vita itll be for this and i wont be copping out using the stupid taps to get across a bridge like some ***. Ill use uncharteds controls and not settle for anything less because sony is pushing a home console on the go so if it doesnt perform as theyre peddling it at then i will not be a happy consumer. Ive been burned by sony and nintendo and theyve both got one shot left before i leave consoles forever for a gaming pc.
  • Gawd, the Vita can't come fast enough!

  • This is pretty much the reason I want a Vita.

  • This game is looking better and better. I cannot wait for the Vita to launch in the US. Looks like Sony is making sure another PSP launch will not be happening anytime soon!
  • Amazing i got this and uncharted 3 reserved.

  • Looks awesome! Hope this is a launch title for the Vita. There is no way i wont be getting a Vita day one if this comes out at the same time.

  • This keeps getting better and better, the fire and smoke effects look phenomenal! Can't wait to get this, hopefully at launch.

  • This game is gonna be soooo good; or atleast it better be!

  • I wish this handheld didn't run on psn :/
  • Now give me a God of War on this badboy and you got yourself a deal Sony!

    Who am I kidding, I'm buying it anyway...

  • Wow, I don't care about battery life suddenly

  • Looks good, Looks Good. hey guys lemme know on my profile whether or not the psvita is worth getting? i sure as heck know its better than the 3ds at this point haha.

  • Now, I don't know if anybody agrees with me here, but, I'm not getting a Vita. My reason is simple: I don't want long, involving games. If I wanted that, I'd play my PS3. I use my DS (Now 3DS) to just entertain me in small, short sessions. Like if I was playing a mario game, I could easily beat a level when I'm waiting to go somewhere. Anybody else see my reasoning?
  • These games look amazing for a handheld! I still don't know if i want to invest up to $300 into a handheld right now, I'll wait for it to come out and for some games to be released then I'll think about it.

  • i would rob a bank to have this now
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