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Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Vita's Graphical Prowess On Display In New Uncharted Trailer

Not only does the new Uncharted: Golden Abyss trailer coming out of Gamescom show off the level of detail Sony's new handheld is capable of, it also introduces players to Drake's new female sidekick, Marisa Chase.

We still don't know a lot about the new Uncharted adventure's story, though in the trailer, Drake states that the titular Golden Abyss "guards the gate to hell." Marisa Chase seems like another strong female character, with her personality falling somewhere between Elena's naive optimism and Chloe's unbridled selfishness. There's also some untrustworthy jerk who we're sure will make it through the adventure just fine.

For information on how Golden Abyss plays, check out our hands-on impressions from this year's E3.

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  • This looks really cool but I don't like the girl and I don't think that Nolan North is voicing Drake... or at least it didn't sound like it.
  • wow outstanding job sony... i am impressed.
  • meh looks alright.

    Im on about vita, not the game. Not a big handheld guy.
  • eehhh... uncharted...eeh...

  • Looks JUST like the PS3 version, can hardly tell the difference.
  • This had better come out with a good game library, I don't want to have Uncharted be the only game I ever get.
  • looking awesome! can't wait for it

  • Say what you will about Sony mismanaging their networks or anything else, they know how to craft a piece of hardware. Vita is a powerhouse, and that's a massive understatement.
  • vita you delicious looking machine
  • So let's stuff a handheld with PC equatable graphics and sell it far under the price of the actual unit's cost. Sounds like another failed strategy by Sony. 3 years and 3 billion dollars in the hole, and this is what they give to their stock holders? It's a good thing they are going economical for the PS4.
  • Wow the graphics are amazing :)
  • I'm not a fan of the new girl... but more Uncharted is always awesome! Vita is looking mighty fine if it keeps building up a solid library.

  • It looks great and all, but I keep remembering that its not Naughty Dog that is making it, so I get a bit discouraged.
  • Looks like uncharted if made on xbox. Lol
  • I'm not even into handheld gaming but I will definitely pick the Vita up day one just because it looks to have games I want to play. I love the Uncharted series and this looks amazing for handheld but then again the last handheld gaming device I had was a Gamegear back in the 90s :p
  • ok wow. The graphics are very freaking impressive

  • looks flipping Epic!!!
  • That untrustworthy jerk looks like a clown to me. Who let Joe Pesci into my Uncharted?
  • Vita's screen shots look really amazing! what is the resolution?
  • I hope there is no problem with hackers in multiplayer because all the games are digitally stored.

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