The third game in a highly successful series, this game had a lot to live up for. but things become tricky when you're faced with the challenges of keeping the good stuff before without it being too familiar, and throwing in new stuff without straying off course. 


This game is beautiful. first you'll pay notice to the graphics which look fantastic. if you've played an uncharted game before, this much is expected, but none-the-less, just as impressive. and this game even rewards you with moments where you can simply pause on your journey and admire what's in front of you which most games hardly allow. i didn't experience any graphical bugs or glitches, so i can't complain when it comes to the physical look of the game. 

The familiar sounds of the game will remind you're playing an uncharted game. familiar sounds return such as when you find a treasure, and drakes theme, ect. and many more are added that set the mood magnificently. The now famous voice actors have made a return, and their characters have even been touched up quite a bit (i mean, when Elena goes from unattractive to cute, it's saying the developers did something right). 

but what really sells me on presentation is these crazy set piece scenes. i'm not going to spoil anything about these, but they are draw dropping on their own and make for some of the best moments in gaming i've seen. and they're ingeniously put in there.


now here is probably the weakest part in this game. but here me out before you hardcore fans blow me away. There is a main story here. but it wasn't developed, and it constantly get's distracted. the game kind of just starts and you have hardly any clue what's going on. eventually it explains things, but it's not all there at first, even if you've completed all other uncharted games.

there's some portions explaining Nate's past, and these are great, but they pulled my attention away from the main conflict despite the ties they shared. also when exploring certain locations, it's easy to forget why you're doing things, and if that wasn't enough, Drakes motives are constantly changing. from revenge, to saving someone, to the original plot, to some new discovery, it kind of jumps around. 

Also there isn't much emphasis of threat as there were in previous games. like before you felt like you just saved the world, but now it feels like i just survived another day in the life of nathan Drake. maybe it's just me.

The story here is good, and if you can fish it out and organize it, you'll still enjoy it,  this is just the most hindered part of the game is all.


true to the classic Uncharted formula of shooting, platforming, and puzzle solving, old fans won't be disappointed. though it does seem that shooting has taken a bigger stage here, there are still (though less) platforming moments. The puzzles are back as well, but none of them are super hard, and the last portion of the game completely ignores puzzles all together. 

i definitely enjoyed the balance of shooting and platforming, shooting taking front seat isn't all that bad either. they've improved things quite a bit. in general shooting just works better. aiming feels better, and it's easier to get your hands on a larger variety of weapons now. Melee combat has been reborn. it seems stealth has for the most part been thrown out, but Melee is much more sucessful, convinient and more used than before. enemies will actually move up and flank you and sometime the best way to eliminate them is to fight them off (provided you're not standing in wide open where others can shoot at you). 

one thing i have to mention are the near invincible, shotgun wielding, heavily armored enemies. these guys don't die. i put full clips into them and they keep coming. it even takes several headshots or a couple grenades to take them down, at times it feels ridicules! if two of them are charging you, you're in trouble.

the game is still incredibly fun, and as i mentioned those "set piece scenes", will drop your jaw with their amazingness and they're the best parts of the game. there are even some new gameplay mechanics, but i'm not going to spoil those as they're quite cool. 

there's also multiplayer to turn to, but i haven't really touched that, so i can't say much. multiplayer isn't usually my thing, but if i get to playing it, i'll write a separate mini review for it later.


Despite not having a well developed story, this game is still amazing. it's like playing through a movie. i didn't like Uncharted before, but now after playing through 2 & 3, i can say i'm a fan. and that's quite a change, so you know this game is good. if you've played the uncharted series, but not this one: what are you doing? stop reading and go get it now! if you haven't, i definitely suggest checking this series out.