This game is an enormous letdown.

I really was never a big Uncharted fan, although I did play the demos for the first two games.  The first one impressed me, and the second one's demo sucked.  I really didn't have much hope for this game, but when I saw the rest of it, I thought i might be good.  However, I wasn't prepared to buy it.

Of course, my Dad decided to make the decision for me, and forced me to get it.  I thought it might be good, but I was in the mood for another game.

Anyway, the first level was just beating people up over and over.  The thing about this game is that it's really cool to watch, like an awesome Indiana Jones flick.  Thing is, it plays like a nightmare.  The gunplay is so mundane and boring, especially in the latter half of the game.  You literally shoot someone a few times in the chest and they don't even flinch until they die.  The game punishes you at every possible point it can, and on normal or even EASY difficulty, the game would piss you off.  Apparently Nathan Drake can't take a damn direction and will jump off into a death pit when you specifically made him jump to ledge (especially in the part as a kid in Cartagena).

The locales are all well and good.  They look pretty, but that's about all this game has going for it.  Pretty setpieces with mundane gameplay.

Oh, and despite looking good, this game's plot takes you to places that make no sense, and things happen so fast and for no reason, you're left scratching your head.  You're on a luxury ship with pirates, and the ship, for no reason, starts sinking.  Nothing you did on the ship made it do that.  The pirate guy that shoots the glass only makes it worse.  Why didn't Nate just kill him? Oh, to make the game longer.

Also, the part on the airplane would've been cool, but out of freaking nowhere, the thing starts going down.  Why? Because you let a couple of trucks fall out the back.  And then the plane starts exploding, FOR NO REASON.  The sand citadel at the end would've been a good part, but when you literally shoot TWO explosive rounds that are the size of dildos out of a small little gun into a building that's about 15 feet tall, and blow it up, the ENTIRE city starts falling apart.  That's like sinking New York because you blew up a market stand.  This game is like a Michael Bay film.  Explosions for the sake of explosions.  Oh, and the mercenaries in the Chateau level had absolutely NO reason to burn down the place, they were still in there, and they didn't find jackshit.  

The puzzles aren't too bad, if a bit simple.  The story is also cliched and lame.  The characters, other than the Irish guy, Cutter, and Sully, are all bland and unappealing.  Also, the ending of this game is really unsatisfying.  Sully and Drake don't gain *** when they leave the citadel, so there was no point going in there in the first place.  Not to mention the fact that despite working together with Cutter, Sully, and the hot British chick (forgot her name) in the beginning, they just disappear, never to be heard from for the rest of the game! I wouldn't have minded if they came back at the end and said hello or something.

Mundane crap.  I wouldn't recommend it unless you like invincible enemies that don't flinch when they're shot, constantly running away from pointless explosions, meh puzzles that are actually the only part of the game that I remotely enjoyed, platforming without a purpose when you can, oh, I don't know walk up the stairs, and combat that takes freaking forever. 

Get Max Payne 3.  That's a real game.  Or if you didn't already, Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City.

Not this piece of crap.