I couldn't wait to play this after playing the first two which were great . Every body said it was a lot  like the second one , yes and no.

The game-play is the same even though they added new features to it to make it feel better . The action is breath taking! There is so much happening on screen all at once, you can't even tell if you're play in a movie or a game!

 There are some messy segments that will make you punch  your couch but it is worth it. Even with all the action it has a perfect story and I won't spoil anything!

For me this beats Skyrim and all the other games out there. If you have a PS3 get this game , but play the others in order before you play this one.

Concept  : 9.50

Graphics : 9.75

Sound : 9.75

Playabilty : 9.75

Entertainment: 10

Replay value : high