I have never played Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. I began immediately with Uncharted 2 and since then, I've found myself becoming a huge fan of the series. 

I absolutely loved Uncharted 2, it's damn near my favorite PS3 exclusive game EVER so far. I'm disappointed to announce that Uncharted 3 does not best Uncharted 2 in my opinion, but it is still a helluva fun ride and a great game for PS3.

Now the campaign (which is my only focus in this review) finds Nathan Drake in his final adventure, searching for the Atlantis of the Sands. It took me from England, to a vast green jungle, to a cruise ship, and finally to the famous desert area seen on the cover of the game. The environments of this game were phenomenal! I had so much fun with the levels and I am glad that the action and cinematics kept me on the edge of my seat.

The gameplay of Uncharted 3 is about the same as the last game. They definitely amped up the hand-to-hand combat and it felt smoother, and the gun play was just boring. It's definitely it's weak point as GI mentioned and every time I caught my self in a gun fight, I either ran to the nearest guy and beat the hell out of him and repeated that process, or when I had no other choice I hopelessly begged or the fight to end quickly. The platforming though was better than ever. I had a blast running through the platforming levels. The puzzles in this game were also amazing. They were challenging, yet not too frustrating and it gave you such a sense of satisfaction when you managed to complete them.

The story was also one of the best yet. Sure the incredibly awesome and sexy Chloe wasn't in the game for too long (yes I love Chloe), but it was great to see Elena back and having a big part in the story. I loved the relationship between Drake and Sully as well. towards the end I was flipping out and almost shedding tears as I was hoping the two would make it out of the venture together. The ending of the game was one of the most thrilling endings I have seen in a while. Imagine the ending from Uncharted 2, where your running away from a collapsing city, but imagine it 10 times more epic and with the final fight seamlessy blended within it. It was incredible.

When I finished the game. I felt accomplished and glad to end Nathan Drake's journey, although hoping it would never end.

Though I absolutely loved this game as the conclusion to Nathan Drake's adventure, there were definitely some problems. I don't know if it was my copy of the game in particular, but I had many glitches that caused me to restart my last checkpoint. Another problem I had, which I mentioned slightly before, was the gun play. It was incredibly annoying and I always hated when I had to go through it. It was always 20 vs 1 or 2 and I died countless times. It was frustrating.  These were minor problems though when I think about the campaign as a whole.

Overall, I absolutely loved this game and would definitely recommend it to all PS3 owners if you do not own the game already. If it wasn't for the glitches I went through and the frustrating gun play I would definitely give this game a perfect score. Seriously though, PLAY THIS GAME! PLAY IT NOW!!!!!

(I don't really ply on doing a review of the multiplayer or co-op, but if it happens, it happens)