Uncharted 3 is an epic tale from start to finish as you assume the role of Nathan Drake jumping from one place to the next in your search for lost treasures.

I found the platforming to be solid as usual, and the puzzles are a nice change of pace, and provide a fun challenge that’s not too frustrating but instead requires some thinking. I’ve been hearing a lot about people not liking the gunplay, but I think it’s just fine with the solid as ever cover mechanics, and the hand to hand combat is the best I’ve seen in the series.

This game is a must, why are you even reading this review? Go buy the game now! (or if you’d like you could continue to the overview…)

These stunning visuals are the best in the industry. with rich colorful landscapes and brilliant lighting and shadow effects, this really is a treat to look at.

The sound design and voice acting are amazing, but the best part is the outstanding score.

The amazing platforming, puzzle solving, gunplay, and action sequences are what have made this game great.

Replay Value: