I've gotten many suggestions from many buddies that I should try out the Uncharted series, and sadly, I never did. I thought that I wouldn't be used to a third-person shooter game, but after playing the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta, I knew this would be a game I would eventually purchase.

And I did exactly that. I went on to GameStop and bought the game, and went home and plopped the game in my PS3. I was in shock. Just by looking at the screen and hearing the background music, I knew this was a game that would be hard to beat, and I fell in love with Uncharted 3.

As every Uncharted game, the Story follows Nathan Drake, otherwise called "Nate" by his older friend and mentor Victor Sullivan, frequently remarked as "Sully". The first mission is Nate and Sully in a bar, fighting off waves of enemies by hand. After they escape the bar, the story flashes back twenty years later.

The title of the chapter, "Greatness from Small Beginnings", pretty much explains it all. It also shows how Drake met Sully. It starts off as Nathan as a small child. He is scanning a museum looking for a specific display that he later attempts to steal. Then Nathan notices that a older man is watching him, with a key to the display case in his hand, and that man is Sully.

Later, Nathan is eventually booted from the museum and follows Sully down the street. It ends up that a bunch of men in tuxedos start chasingf Nate, jumping from roof-to-roof, and climbing walls. 

The Campaign is simply amazing. It couldn't be better. It's not just shooting up a bunch of guys, it's solving challenging puzzles, and finding ways to escape and enter buildings by climbing and jumping. And it's not easy. Even on 'Very Easy' difficulty, it still may be hard to pass certain missions by solving puzzles. But if you get stuck, luckily the game gives you a hint after a while.

One thing I do love is the ability to collect treasures around the area. It's rather interesting where they are hidden, and if you find enough, you will earn a trophy.

Although Uncharted 3 is near perfect, it does lack the amount of weapons. I know it's one of those games that you won't be needing a lot of different guns, but it's nice to have a good sized collection of them. 

The Campaign is just plain masterful, and I never saw a story mode better than this. From shooting guys to attacking guys with stealth capabilities, it really never gets old. 

I'm also happy that the Campaign ain't too short or too long. It's almost perfect in length. It will keep you busy for a few days, unlike most games that  take you only a few hours.

Now in Multiplayer, you can pretty much do everything you can do in the Campaign, except you're facing other players online. As a new Uncharted player myself, I didn't think I would be used to it and fail. But I was wrong. The controls are pretty basic, and it's easy to maneuver. 

But one con about the Multiplayer mode is that the enemies take too many shots to kill. Sometimes it takes a whole mag from your AK-47 to eliminate an enemy, but at other times, it doesn't take much at all. If it would just be a few less bullets, it would be just right.

One other con is when you want to melee, your character stops and I most of the time miss my enemy. This causes death for me a lot. I wish you could run and melee at the same time, like other shooters.

But all of those cons don't make Uncharted a worse game. The Multiplayer is my favorite part. It's challenging, and at the same time, fun. I also enjoy playing Co-op sometimes. You can play Arena, which is kinda like Survival mode in Modern Warfare 3. You fight off a bunch of enemies until you complete all 10 rounds. And you can play with two other players.

You can also play 3-player missions from the game cooperatively. This is fun, and makes the missions easier to pass, but sometimes your teammates get angry if you don't regroup quick enough.

I was shocked at how much of an amazing game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception was. Everything from the realistic graphics to the solid gameplay makes the game almost perfect. I am now pleased that I can play with my friends that recommended the Uncharted series to me.

You may think that third person shooters are difficult for you first person shooter fans, but Uncharted 3 is one of those that is very welcoming to new players, and it will be very easy to succeed the Story mode.

So go pick up the amazing Uncharted 3, and start lookin' for those treasures!