Im so glad this game is finally out, I have loved each Uncharted game and love this one as well.

I highly enjoyed the game, sure it was missing some "WOW" moments from Uncharted 2, but the game was still very fun. Graphically it is one of the best the PS3 has to offer. Gameplay wise, I found some of the shootouts to be a little annoying, especially on the ship and in the sandstorm. I played on normal (intend to try cruching soon) and just didn't understand how the fights could go from simple and fun to just irritating (in my opinion). I am glad that the puzzles weren't as simple this time around. 1 or 2 really had me for a few minutes which I consider a good thing.


Multiplay has really taken a step up this time. Uncharted 2 was really fun, but I lost some interest after about a year or so, This one is pretty fun with all the customization and maps. the Co-op stories can be pretty fun as well.

So over all, don't expect it to beat U2 (story wise) because I honestly don't see how it could. Its a very fun game that is at least worth a shot. MP has me hooked.