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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Villainess Revealed In Uncharted 3 Cinematic

Behind every great man there are a couple great women who're willing to take the wheel in a high speed chase or provide additional gunfire in a shootout. Well, at least this is the case if you're Nathan Drake. While powerful women in Drake's life have played support roles in the past (and essentially helped him live to see a third game), Drake will come across one sinister woman, Katherine Marlowe, in Uncharted 3 that will require more than boyish charm to get past.

Katherine Marlowe is the leader of a secret society that dates back more than four hundred years to Queen Elizabeth's court. Marlowe and Drake have been feuding over the possession of Sir Francis Drake's ring, the key to an ancient mystery. Her agents are said to be more dangerous than the adversaries Drake and Sully have dealt with in the past.

Sony and Naughty Dog present Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception debut cinematic. Check out the footage and media gallery below.

  • Well. as a great idiot once said. "THIS PLACE IS FULL OF MEAN LADIES"
  • This game is looking better and better! Uncharted is definitely one of my favorite game series of all time. I'll have to buy this and beat it before Elder Scrolls, seeing as they come out a meer week apart. November will be a busy month for me!

  • O_o

  • Mod
    So apparently the guy from Cranked will be in Uncharted 3...
  • Well, looks like Nathan Drake is going to Cougar Town....
  • is that the voices and likeneses of jason statham and helen mirren?
  • Excitement for Uncharted 3 has reached critical mass, must find something else to distract!
  • Dear God I can not wait. This is going to be the most epic Uncharted ever released. It says a lot about the quality of the franchise when I am getting so, so tired of shooters, but still aching to get my hands on Uncharted 3.
  • Mod
    Who is doing the voice acting for her? She sounds familiar...
  • Sounds like the typical villain.

  • Okay, as long as I get to punch her at some point im all in. (She's asking for the five finger discount!)

  • Bit off the point, but Drake's suit is beyond awesome :) And i dont think that is Helen Mirren.
  • I like Darke's suit...
  • Always a great stroy line to these games.. love it. Cant wait!

  • Elena is about to kick this b*tch's ass
  • Oh SNAP!!!!. God i cant wait for this

  • Excellent - this is developing into a really good story!  Jason Statham is awesome!  That's a nice surprise too!

  • I was hoping Lazarevic would return, but now that I see it I'm glad there's a new antagonist. She looks like a great villain to be gunning for.
  • Still looking great, but i dont hope that it doesn't stay too gritty because i love the light and scenery from the first 2

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