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Simply Perfect

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  • This game is amazing! If you have a PS3 and dont have this game your outta your mind!

    And if you dont have a PS3 its time to get one this game will make it all worth it.

    The online play is great, it new and fun, climbing wall while shooting people down, the mix is just amazing.

    Best game ever.

  • I would love to play this, but i dont own a ps3 and dont want to get one for just this game. They need to make it for xbox too lol

  • There are few games that release during a consoles lifespan that are sure fire system sellers. Uncharted 2 is undoubtedly on the top of this list. If you don't own a PS3 go out and get one along with this game. This game deserves to be in every gamers library. Trust those of us that have and are now playing this game - YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!! The artists at Naughty Dog have polished this game to a level that very few games can match. My advice- GET IT as soon as you can!!

  • Uncharted 2 may be the most overrated game ever made. It's definitely a good game but it is far from perfect. Some of the problems I noticed include AI that is way too accurate (did that guy on the ground just kill me off the roof with a shotgun?!), button mapping problems resulting from one button being used to execute multiple actions (hide behind cover Drake, don't somersault into the open to your death!), and last time I played I tried to hide behind a pillar and got stuck inside of it. The worst part was that the grenades that landed right next to me didn't kill me. I had to restart from the last checkpoint in order to keep playing. If you're looking for a great shooter pick up Mag (which releases 1/26).  It's much better than either Uncharted game!

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