Uncharted 2 is definitely one of the best games available for the PS3,I've played over 80 PS3 titles including many big name titles and Uncharted 2 stands out as one of the most entertaining,playable,visually pleasing games on the PS3 and it also has a great story too that takes you to many diverse places in Asia and Europe and has lots of action,mysteries that involve treasures and Hindu/Buddhist mythology and a love triangle.


In 1292,Marco Polo along with 14 ships and six hundred passengers were on a voyage home from China but only 1 ship and 18 passengers survived the journey home and Marco Polo never revealed what happened to the rest of his crew.Nathan Drake is the main character,who's a descendant of a famous explorer named Sir Francis Drake and Nathan(Nate)is also a treasure hunter and has Francis Drake's journal which contain clues to unlocking ancient puzzles which lead to secret places and treasures and have notes about Francis Drake's journeys.Nate is offered a job by an man named Flynn and a woman named Chloe to steal a Mongolian lamp from an Istanbul museum that may contain clues to what happened to Marco Polo's fleet and to treasure.

They eventually acquire the lamp and learn Marco Polo had been searching for a jewel known as the 'Cintamani Stone' which is part of Hindu and Buddhist traditions and legends say it gives people special powers and is worn by mythical creatures such as a wind horse and is connected with the Gods.The lamp also contains a map to Shambhala,which is supposed to be an ancient kingdom and a legend.

A war criminal named Lazarevic is searching for the Cintamani Stone because it would make him nearly invincible.Lazarevic causes chaos wherever he goes,because he pays mercenaries to fight for him(he has his own army)and is responsible for civil war breaking out in places such as Nepal and carnage that occurs in Tibet.

The story has numerous plot twists,a mini love triangle,and Uncharted 2 takes you through Turkey,Borneo,Nepal,Tibet and to the legendary kingdom of Shambhala.

If you're familiar with the first Uncharted game,you'll be familiar with Sully,who returns for UC2,so does Emma,and there's new interesting characters,such as Schäfer(who's an old,German man who lives in the Tibetan village),Tenzen (who is a Tibetan man who lives in the same village and he will act like your guide when you'll travel through some dangerous mountain caves)Flynn(a British guy who helped Drake break into the Istanbul museum to steal the Mongolian lamp and he has his own selfish reasons for doing so),and Chloe(who's an attractive dark haired woman who has a cross between an English/Australian accent and she ties into the story in an odd way and she's Nate's new love interest and she's like a tough girl who isn't afraid to use guns and leave people behind who slow her down).

The story can be emotional when you see the civilians getting shot dead by Lazarevic's soldiers and when you see a mother trying to protect her child from the soldiers.


If you've played the original Uncharted,you can expect the same style of gameplay,but it has new stealth features,such as allowing you to pull an unsuspecting enemy off a ledge,or you can grab them and and choke them and pull them behind a fence or wall and knock them out without making much sound to attract other enemies.Now you can also grab an enemy as they walk past and slam their head into a wall to knock them out.

Of course at times you'll need to do some shooting,and the cover mechanics are there once again,and so are the variety of weapons you can use to take out enemies from up close or from a distance.The environments feel more fun to battle on than in the original Uncharted,because often there's a good mixture of high and low areas you can use to battle against your enemies on,for example,there's many places with rooftops or many areas with ledges that you can travel across to get the higher ground advantage against your enemies.

You will also engage enemies on a moving train,and you can choose to battle them on the roof of the train or inside the train and you can switch from whether you want to move across the roof of the train or move through the train carriages many times during a couple of chapters.There's certain advantages/disadvantages of moving across the roof of the train or traveling through the rooms of the train.,because when you're on the roof,you're not confined to a narrow space against many enemies,but you'll have to avoid bridges and signal signs.

There's gameplay segments when you need to avoid/destroy a helicopter too,and it can be hectic when you're trying to quickly find cover to avoid being killed while getting in good position to shoot the helicopter with an RPG (which can be harder than it sounds because the helicopter has an uncanny ability to swerve miraculously and dodge your RPGs).

For weapon variety,shotguns are effective up close,certain handguns are powerful but carry fewer bullets,weaker handguns can fire more rapidly and can hold more bullets.The AK47 is more effective up close,while the M4 is more effective over a longer distance.You can use a sniper gun that can kill enemies in one shot over a long distance but it's slow to reload.You can use grenade and rocket launchers which can kill numerous enemies with a single blast but they're less common to find,and most likely you'll need to take one of a dead enemy who was using one(which means you will have to survive being bombarded by grenades/rockets too)and you'll find grenades often and they're handy when you're confronted by many enemies or tougher enemies,but you can only carry 4 of them at a time with you so it's best to use them wisely.

On the hard or crushing difficulty levels,you will really need to use the environment around you strategically,and I remember on crushing difficulty when I was swarmed by many enemies who could kill me in one shot,so I ran away and climbed up a ladder onto a high ledge and when they came looking for me,I shot and killed them from above.Also,after you beat the game,for more replay value you can try to play the game on hard or crushing difficulty,because it will encourage you to use the stealth mechanics a lot more and it feels like a different experience.

There's platforming elements too,and you'll need to think of you how you can use the environment around you to jump,climb or swing to where you need to go.

There's puzzles and the clues to solving them are in the Francis's journal that Nate carries with him.The puzzles aren't difficult to solve,but they fit in nice with the environment,because some of them use Buddhist/Hindu style statues/objects/pictures.

And of course,Nate wouldn't be Nate without being able to search for treasures,and there's 101 treasures to find throughout certain chapters.The treasures can be hidden anywhere,sometimes in plain sight in a museum,or attached to a ceiling,statue,trees etc. which means they're high up in the air and you will have to scan areas thoroughly if want to find them all.Some of the treasures are on building rooftops and some treasures require you to find hidden locations and going out of your way to find them.Finding all the treasures also adds replay value,especially since trophies are rewarded for finding treasures.

Uncharted 2 also has online multiplayer modes,and I'm not a big fan of online multiplayer games,but the cover mechanics work quite well in the multiplayer,and your character can move quite fast and I've played some of the deathmatches,elimination matches and co-op matches and they were a bit of fun,and there's also ranking matches and it's something for people to do if they want to play the game competitively or with other people.

The only complaint I have about the gameplay is it's a bit glitchy at a few times I got stuck against a wall and on one occasion an enemy punched me while they were on the other side of a wall.However,I've talked to other people who've played through this game,and they've said they didn't get stuck against any walls,so maybe it's just my disc.

The graphics have a good amount of detail,and the clothing and facial features of the characters look quite realistic.Uncharted 2 once against has jungle/rainforest locations,with lush vegetation and beautiful waterfalls.There's also areas with an urban feel(in Nepal),but you will still see things that relate to their culture,such as temples,buddhist statues and the Tibetan village is breathtaking because you'll see their traditional culture and how the village people go about their daily lives in a traditional way and you'll see beautiful mountain scenery.In Tibet you'll also see buddhist/Hindu statues and there's a giant,ice cave/mountain you will need to explore inside and it's icy walls and deep holes make your journey feel even more dangerous but exciting.There's some huge ancient Buddhist/Hindu statues deep inside a cave which you have to solve a series of puzzles to get through,and it just looks so ancient and gives you a feeling that nobody except Drake and Tenzen have seen it in a long time.

Early on in the game,there's a nice cutscene with Drake sitting at a bar in a tropical location and Istanbul was decently represented and you will see that 'East meets West' influence when you see it's buildings.

The only blemish with the graphics was in chapter 2 when I noticed the lip syncing was a bit off when Drake and Flynn talked a few times and some objects popped in and out,but chapter 2 was the only time I noticed these problems,and it only happened a couple of times,and throughout the rest of the game,the graphics look amazing.


The voice acting for Nate,Sully,Emma,Flynn was great.Chloe's voice acting was good,but at times I could hear the Australian accent within her fake English accent.The dialogue at time reminds me of an action movie,it's a bit over the top and humorous at times,although I didn't like some of Flynn's dialogue,such as the 'picking his nose' part.

The music is beautiful at times,I remember hearing the chanting which sounds similar to Buddhist style chanting and the beautiful female voice that's singing a song softly(it has a gentle,oriental feel to it).

I liked hearing the Tibetan village people speak in their native language.


Definitely a memorable experience and one of the best PS3 games.I think taking you through Asia(and to remote parts such as Tibet) and using the Hindu/Buddhist influence was a great idea,and it's a great game whether you want to play it as a shooter,treasure hunter,adventurer.