Is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves good enough to surpass its predecessor? Let’s find out:

Presentation 2/2

From start you’ll notice a whole new different setting, than the one that was shown in the previous game. You start wounded by a shot in a train grabbed from the edge of a mountain. This time you’ll follow Nathan Drake in a quest to find what happened to the lost fleet of Marco Polo that departed from China with fourteen ships and over six hundred passengers, but when he arrived at Persia a year and a half later, only one ship and eighteen passengers remained.

Sound and Graphics 3/3

The sound has an excellent quality, gunshots hear realistic; almost everything has sound, from footsteps to the sound of a helicopter. The sound also changes depending where you are, for example gunshots sound different inside something small places than in the open air. The graphics are amazing, everything looks vivid full of colors, there are a lot of places you’ll be going from cities to mountains, to caves, and more. And all of these look very detailed and unique and it makes it feel like you are not going through the same corridor again and again with a different painting but through a whole new level. This also helps giving the game a sense of adventure because you always feel like you are progressing and exploring. There’s even a level where you are in a train that is advancing and the environments change throughout the level. Overall is on the best graphics in the PS3 so far.

Story 1.5/2

(Spoiler alert)

The story starts approx. 2 years after the events of the first game. You are wake up and you are wounded by a shot (as previously mentioned), and you climb your way up from a falling train on the edge of a mountain. And you faint. Then you remember what happened before. The story starts as you Nathan Drake team up with an old partner Harry Flynn and his girlfriend Chloe Frazer (both new to the series).

They convince Nate to help them steal an old Mongolian oil lamp that may lead to Marco Polo’s lost fleet. In the robbery Harry double-crosses Nate and leaves him to be captured. The your old friend Victor Sullivan with Chloe take you out of jail and ask you for help to get to Flynn and his boss Lazarevic. And I haven’t scratched the surface, the story has some good moments and it gives a good sense of adventure and exploring, alongside curses and mythological aspects. It keeps getting better and better. You meet new characters through the game, some of them are better developed than other, and I found this to be a problem because the main villain Lazarevic

 ends up being the final boss, and while he does have some interesting development with good scenes and good dialogue with his cliche cold blooded villain I still found it to be disappointing as the final boss. You really don’t get to know much about any character but just enough to keep the story going. It has a mythological side implemented, that means you’ll be seeing monsters and more, and some unrealistic things, but it does feel in place considering the characters story and overall context. (Note some people complained about the lack of Victor Sullivan in the game, but I really didn’t mind, it would only give another character to the bunch). But don’t get me wrong the story is very good written with cool moments, and great link to actual story, is just the characters with the ones I have a problem. Even though they are charming and you will care if they live or die.

Gameplay 1.5/2

This is an action-adventure-platform third-person shooter video game. There are shooting sections with cover mechanics. Some of the environment where you will be taking cover is destructible. You aim from your shoulder(you can change shoulder),

you also can take cover and shoot without getting out of cover, but this makes your weapon very inaccurate, although it's safe to do this when there’s someone close to you, that way you can take him down without being on risk.

You can also shoot from the hip when running, but is inaccurate also. Some weapons have a zoom when aiming. This helps when you want to shot someone in the distance.

The platforming is better this time around, because it helps on how you want to take on a situation, if you want to be Rambo and shoot your way through or grab on to some ledges and be stealthier. You grab on to ledges or objects that are clearly marked, to jump from ledge to ledge and advance. Sometimes the ledges will start to fall and this keeps the platforming interesting.

The melee has more to offer this time around but it still feels like unfinished. Especially in the multiplayer, because you will pass near an enemy and just start bashing the square button until you hit him. In the single player you engage into combat by pressing square to punch and triangle to counter. It works fine but sometimes you’ll bash the button until you hit them. But now you can grab enemies that walk near you while you are in a cover to finish them in one move. It also works on ledges. It helps when you want to be stealthy. There’s no sprint but you character is fast enough. There are also some puzzles throughout the game, they won’t kill, but they will put your brain to work.

You can also use some new skins and extras in the campaign mode after you beat it in crushing mode which is the hardest setting for the game, some of them are really funny and add some replay value.

All of these aspects (except puzzles) work the same on multiplayer. Multiplayer is really fun and simple. You level up as you play against others or work in a team of 3 in coop mode. The modes are the next ones:

Death Match (Shoot your enemies in the face)

 Elimination (Eliminate Other team)

 Plunder (Fight for treasure)

 Turf War (Hold as many zones as you can)

 King of the Hill (Hold the Hill)

 Chain Reaction (Captures the zones in order)

 Survival (Survive the waves of Soldier)

 Gold Rush (Steal the treasure from the soldiers)

 Co-op (Survive with your friends)

 And Machinima.

All of them are really fun, and it’s better with the platforming, covering, takedowns aspects. But while it has its good it’s also not for everyone. With this I mean, it has some things worth checking out but it’s not the best one out there. But the fans will be pleased. It’s a solid online experience.

Replay value and Extras 1/1

There’s a high replay value. From going through the campaign again with different difficulties or extras, to playing online against others and surviving with your friend, this is a great game. There are also treasures or collectibles throughout the single player; it will take you some time finding them on your own. There are also the PS3 trophies to get.

Overall it’s an awesome 2nd chapter in the Uncharted series, with good replay value, and enough to keep coming back. I didn’t like the character development, or the lack of it, but it doesn’t break the experience. It’s a must have for the PS3 owners and a game to buy a PS3 for. It is one of the best and it get a:

Final score of: 9/10----A great game.