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  • Blog Post: Capcom's Legendary Fighter Stays Relevant

    Five years ago, Capcom’s Street Fighter IV single-handedly revitalized the fighting genre it helped create. Several other competitors have followed in its wake, but few are able to match the popularity Street Fighter IV. How does a series stay on top for so long? By keeping itself relevant. Rather... More
  • Blog Post: Now Available Digitally On PS3 And Xbox 360

    Ultra Street Fighter IV is out today for owners of Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition as a digital upgrade for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The $15 upgrade includes new characters Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento, and Decapre, along with six new stages and rebalanced gameplay... More
  • Blog Post: Ultra Street Fighter IV Out In Early June For Consoles

    Ultra Street Fighter IV finally has a release date. The latest version of Capcom’s classic fighter includes five new characters and six new stages. With the addition of Elena, Hugo, Poison, Rolento, and Decapre, the total fighter count is now 44. Pre-orders will come with a costume pack for the... More
  • Blog Post: Ultra Street Fighter IV Videos Show Opening Cinema And Special Moves

    A pair of new videos for the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV showcases the game in action, as well the game's opening cinema. Ultra Street Fighter IV is a large update to Street Fighter IV that adds new characters and stages, and makes all kinds of tweaks and additions to the game's mechanics... More
  • Blog Post: Decapre Revealed As Fifth New Ultra Street Fighter IV Character

    After today's Final Round Street Fighter IV tournament, Capcom showed trailer revealing the final member of the five new characters for the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV. Her name is Decapre. Decapre is a member of The Dolls, a group of teenage girl soldiers who have been brainwashed to serve... More
  • Blog Post: New Option Lets Players Roll Back The Nerfs

    In true Street Fighter style, Street Fighter IV has taken on a variety of different forms since it was released back in 2008. Characters have changed, too, as the game's dev team worked to balance and rebalance the roster. Fans who miss earlier incarnations of their favorite fighters will be able... More
  • Blog Post: New Trailer Shows Hugo In Action

    Ultra Street Fighter IV adds new characters, tweaks, and stages to the Street Fighting formula, and new video showcases new addition, Hugo. The video showcases a battle against other newcomer, Poison ( who was recently featured in her own video ), as well as a number of his moves in the training mode... More
  • Blog Post: New Ultra Street Fighter IV Trailer Shows Poison In Action

    Ultra Street Fighter IV, which adds new characters, stages, and a handful of tweaks to Street Fighter IV, has a new trailer starring newcomer Poison. You can check out the video below which shows Poison's assorted moves in training, as well as a match against another newcomer, Rolento. Ultra Street... More
  • Blog Post: Ultra Street Fighter IV Video Shows Off Upcoming Changes And Refinements

    Ultra Street Fighter IV, the upcoming Street Fighter IV upgrade , adds characters and lots of changes, and a new video from Capcom showcases many of them in detail. You'll see the new Red Focus in action, which lets you absorb multiple hits and get out of tight spots, the ability to use both of a... More
  • Blog Post: Ultra Street Fighter IV Videos Show Off New Characters And Combos

    Capcom recently released a series of four videos showcasing Ultra Street Fighter IV's upcoming new characters. In the series of videos below, you will see Rolento, Poison, Hugo, and Elena in action, showing off their super powers and Ultras. Rolento and Poison made appearances in Street Fighter X... More
  • Blog Post: Ultra Street Fighter IV Coming Before July

    Announced earlier this earlier year , Ultra Street Fighter IV should be coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC shortly after its Japanese arcade debut in April. Ultra Street Fighter IV is planned as add-on DLC for Street Fighter IV, but will also be sold as a separate retail release. Ultra will include... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Announces Ultra Street Fighter IV, Will Include New Characters And Stages

    During EVO 2013, Capcom announced that Street Fighter IV will be receiving five new characters, new stages, and new balancing in the form of DLC . That DLC will turn the game into Ultra Street Fighter IV, or you can buy the Ultra version of the game at retail. Ultra Street Fighter IV will be releasing... More
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