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Ultra Street Fighter IV

Decapre Revealed As Fifth New Ultra Street Fighter IV Character

After today's Final Round Street Fighter IV tournament, Capcom showed  trailer revealing the final member of the five new characters for the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV. Her name is Decapre.

Decapre is a member of The Dolls, a group of teenage girl soldiers who have been brainwashed to serve as M. Bison's bodyguards. Decapre is a Russian who is similar in appearance to Cammy. She is a charge character who doesn't have instant moves. She has made appearances in the comic before as well as non-playable cameos in previous games, but this is the first time she will be a playable fighter.

You can check out some Decapre screens and her trailer below, as well as some costumes that will be offered for those who pre-order the game.

Ultra Street Fighter IV adds new characters, stages, and mechanics to Street Fighter IV. It will receive a retail release, but it will also be available as a DLC update for Street Fighter IV for $14.99.

For more Ultra Street Fighter IV videos highlighting some new mechanics and other characters, head here. The game (or DLC, depending on how you choose to buy) should be available before July.

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  • I'm not too familiar with the lore, but is she a fuse between Juni and Juli or of the same Shadowloo squad/thing? I was a big fan of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and remember having to fight them before Bison....never heard of this character though.

    She may have a different moveset but the resemblance to Cammy is too much. Aesthetically, it looks like a reskin and is a little disappointing.

  • I was disappointed AT FIRST. I mean come on, pretty much direct clone of Cammy, right?

    Well turns out she's a charge character from what I gather (think Guile and Vega's attacks, hold back then quickly hit forward and a punch or kick to do something). She actually looks very fun to use. There's a gameplay with commentary.

  • Is it me, or has Cap com become lazy over the years? New game? Nah, let's charge for another add-on. What about a new Mega Man? Nah, no one likes Mega Man anymore. New character? Nah, let's give one a mask and call them something new. Gotta say, everytime I here Capcom announce something new, I cringe.

  • Why do I get the impression that most of the comments are from people who got schooled in Street Fighter or some other fighting game, left the scene and never kept up with it, and then when this was released decided to let out their bitter, scrubby hatred?

    Deliberate hyperbole aside, she looks awesome and seems to be a really fun, unique character.