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Ultra Street Fighter IV

New Option Lets Players Roll Back The Nerfs

In true Street Fighter style, Street Fighter IV has taken on a variety of different forms since it was released back in 2008. Characters have changed, too, as the game's dev team worked to balance and rebalance the roster. Fans who miss earlier incarnations of their favorite fighters will be able to see how they'd fare now, thanks to a new option in the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV.

The feature, called Edition Select, lets players choose their character, and then select their favorite version from the original Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter IV AE, Street Fighter IV AE ver. 2012, and Ultra Street Fighter IV. If you're a big Street Fighter nerd, this is pretty exciting stuff. As Capcom's Peter "Combofiend" Rosas posted on his blog, which outlined the feature, "Just thinking about Daigo using SFIV Ryu vs. Justin Wong using SSFIV Rufus is getting me pretty hype."

[Source: Capcom via Joystiq]


Our Take
Whenever a game is tweaked, everyone seems to have an opinion – either the changes were a long time coming, or they signal the end of the world. This should be an interesting test to see just how much of a difference some of these changes really made. One thing's for sure: People will have one less thing to lean on when they lose a match.

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  • Eh, maybe I'll get it used. Not getting none of my money, Capcom.
  • I don't play a lot of Street Fighter, so I wouldn't know what's changed.

  • As much as I enjoy fighting games, I'm still considered pretty casual. I doubt I'd notice the subtle balance tweaks, even though I recognize their importance. I'll still be getting Ultra (after about 6 straight months of playing Dark Souls II).

  • So, just choose the best version of your character. Might as well revert the changes back to whatever the strongest version of the character was, because why would anyone pick the weaker one?
  • Mod

    I know that this is a separate mode, but I feel that this undermines all the patches, balances and character updates. This is here for the tournament/hardcore crowd as I'm willingly to assume that majority of casuals simply accept changes and tweaks. Many don't follow super close to every single change ( frame data etc). So this is almost strictly a mode for those that focus on such data. But here's the thing, what's the point? People will now focus on the "version" of the character(s) that either A: Are cheaper/easier to use/abuse B: more broken ones that were the cause of needing a re-balance.

    I feel the time and resources could have been put forward to something more substantial and enjoyable. More characters, a unique mode that isn't a re-tread of multiple versions of characters. Not appeasing to diehards that whinged on every detail of change, the ones that claim the game/character is useless after a patch. Changes and balances are there for a reason, allowing people to bypass that just begs the question of why even bother with the changes? This is a lazy attempt to try to keep the tournament crowd/long followers to still play and this will be a waste on a large majority.

  • So basically just putting out another version of the same street fighter. Milking it for all its worth i see.
  • This is pretty interesting. i'm certain there will be an option to search for ranked games were this is disabled, but for just playing with friends, this should be really fun to mess with especially having mirror matches with characters of different editions.
  • Won't this break balance?

  • That is a terrible idea, everyone will just pick the most overpowered version and then claim they are great at the game when they don't do much to win.
  • You mean I can have my insanely powerful Sagat back?! Oh, happy day!!

  • That actually sounds pretty damn awesome. XD

  • I'll get this and see for myself what I will think about this. But this has me curious nonetheless.

  • That does sound like a great option in this Street Fighter game, and you could make some interesting combinations to unleash devastating damage on your opponents.

  • I think someone might've mentioned that this would be a separate mode.