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Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV Videos Show Off New Characters And Combos

Capcom recently released a series of four videos showcasing Ultra Street Fighter IV's upcoming new characters.

In the series of videos below, you will see Rolento, Poison, Hugo, and Elena in action, showing off their super powers and Ultras. Rolento and Poison made appearances in Street Fighter X Tekken, and Hugo and Elena are making returning appearances from past Street Fighter titles.

You can check out each of the new videos below.





Ultra Street Fighter IV adds new characters, stages, and mechanics to Street Fighter IV. It will be released as DLC, but will also see a retail release as a full game. Capcom doesn't have a release date for Ultra, but says that it should be coming before July. Capcom wants it out before EVO 2014.

[Source: Capcom Unity]

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  • Here's hoping the PC Steam version will come out at the same time as PS3 and 360. Can't wait to use Elena, she was great fun in 3rd Strike :D

  • Sounds awesome but i doubt ill be getting this.

  • The ultras are the same as SFxT, but whatever still getting the game.

  • I still can't believe it's been like what- six years, since SF4 came out? Time flies for sure...

  • So If I already have SF IV can I just buy the DLC to upgrade to Ultra?

  • good thing both the new female characters butt cheeks are hanging out.  

  • Elena kind of reminds me of Eddie from Tekken 3.
  • Elena looks so cute ^^

  • Ads on their official videos ? this is damn cheap...
  • Fighting games are one of the most fun and rewarding types of games. Im glad that Street Fighter is still doing great.

  • I don't understand this infatuation with Poison. Especially since there's Roxy who is a legitimate woman.

  • u need new idea  bros