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Ultra Street Fighter IV

New Trailer Shows Poison In Action

Ultra Street Fighter IV, which adds new characters, stages, and a handful of tweaks to Street Fighter IV, has a new trailer showcasing Poison.

You can check out the video below which shows Poison's assorted moves in training, as well as a match against another newcomer, Rolento.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will receive a full retail release, but can also be downloaded as an add-on expansion for Street Fighter IV.

For more Ultra Street Fighter IV videos highlighting some new mechanics and other characters, head here. The game (or DLC, depending on how you choose to buy) should be available before July.

[Via: CVG]

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  • Can't wait for this. I never tire of Street Fighter 4.

  • Now you can play as a prostitute from the 80'S.
  • Good thing she's not over sexualized /s
  • Can't wait to see the new characters at EVO.

  • Mmmm... TOASTY!!! XD

  • I bet people want to see her in different kind of action ;D
  • I would have been very nice if there were the option to have it on new-gen consoles. I mean, with no retro compatibility, they can at least make sure that new releases are compatible with the WiiU, Xbone or PS4.

    This is my main deal-breaker at the moment :-/

  • I don't care what people say about her, I'd still hit it :P

  • Quite possibly my favorite transgendered woman... good golly. Has there been any inkling as to who the fifth character is?

  • Love me some Poison.

  • Dude looks like a lady

  • Too bad it's not coming to next gen consoles. Nintendo seriously needs to buy Capcom.

  • We love chicks with dicks!
  • and this is exactly why capcam is doing so poorly... instead of games

    the people actually want like new megaman games they keep pumping out new versions of street fighter 4... cool dlc WHERE IS MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3!!!!!! i want to play universe and a new megaman x RIGHT NOW!! so what if the lead dude who created megaman left it doesn't mean you guys cant make more! its not like he made it all by himself

  • I thought I recognised that character from somewhere. As I searched hazily through the darkened streets of Thailand in my mind I remembered a Cracked article about Final Fight.

    Don't get many transvestites/transexuals (which one is she anyway?) in gaming, this is progress I think. Overall gaming isn't doing to bad when it comes to LGBT representation, better than Hollywood in a lot of ways.

  • So i guess the add-on characters will get there trailer 1st. And for this mysterious last character that's never been in the series period. I wonder will we have to wait until TGS to find out since this doesn't come out till sometime in August.

  • I am still happy that I have not buyed this game and it seems that I will not buy it until SF5 comes out