I've been into marvel vs. capcom games beforw, and almost thought I never would. Then, my cousins showed my brother, who then showed me, and yes it looked fun. So I went out, bought the game, and was hooked right away.

Only thing is the game is almost identical to the one on console. Which can be kind of good, and kind of bad. Graphics are good. Sound is all right, and the gameplay is addicting. There's alot to unlock that you'll be playing this for quite a while.

Overall, this is a fun psvita fighting game. You'll absolutely love it if you've never played it, and if you have, I thiink that you'll still like. This is one of the games for the psvita that you should start out with. With that, that's why I give Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 a

9 out of 10