I picked this game last week ,and it's actually better than last one.The roster has been increase to 50,but you have to buy the dlc characters again.That's fun part,because when you do jill and shuma gorath have their dlc costumes free of charge.Mission mode is fill with new and some easy combos that can be connect with the proper training,like me with morrigan.There is a new mode coming this week called"Heroes and Heralds". This mode works both offline and online gameplay.Fight in two fractions and gaining new ability cards to make your team an unstoppable tank!Weekly battles will be a way good to earn new ability cards.Online mode have been approved with balanced gameplay and finally spectator mode!Fans who played the vanllia edition will have the chance to play as Galactus!!!Holy crap!Well this game deserve a gold star for fixing the game with new fighters,modes,better online services,and galactus!For 40 bucks this one is really worth it true believers!