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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

New Trailer For Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 For Vita Highlights New Features

Capcom is bringing its world-beating fighter, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, to the PlayStation Vita. This new trailer gives us our first good look at the game in action -- and the results are impressive.

For starters, it's once again clear that the Vita's graphical power will blur the distinction between "console" and "handheld" game like no other system in history. However, Capcom is not just content to do a straight port, and is instituting a number of impressive features in the game.

Here are some the trailer shows off:

-- special touch-screen controls and moves

-- the full Heroes and Heralds mode

-- Wi-Fi online play against anyone in the world

-- full spectator mode for watching matches online

-- the ability to save, play, and analyze replays on Vita

-- content sharing and trading through the Vita's NEAR mode (similar to the 3DS's local sharing technology)

-- the ability to share purchased DLC content between your PS3 and Vita

-- being able to use your Vita as PS3 controller to take advantage of the touch-screen controls

More UMvC screens here.

  • Im holding off on the vita until there is a price drop on the handheld itself or the god *** memory that might just kil the system in the states. Come on sony I believe in you, think about the consumer on that one.
  • well crap. i didn't want to get the vita because of the price, but i might have to consider it now.
  • Ahh, Matt... Way to word that in such a way that it can't actually be argued. Yes, Vita has the best graphics of any handheld. Still, nothing on consoles and I really wish people would stop praising it as such.

    Sharing DLC sounds like a very good idea though. Hopefully that makes it to all these silly ports. I'm not sure about the touch screen controls for the PS3 version, but it looks pretty stupid for the Vita. "Now with touchscreen controls!" -tap tap tap tap tap-. Woo! He just tapped the screen like six times! Awesome!
  • It'll likely be a solid Vita title. Probably not enough content to sell me though.

  • Vita. WANT

  • Wooohooo! *** the Vita is just getting better and better :D

  • behold sonys new handheld/controller

  • I would have been much happier if there was a 3rd Strike port over this one...

  • great for a portable version, maybe i will get this with gravity rush

  • Any chance of a discount if you already own the ps3 version? Knowing capcom, probably not... :(
  • Awesome

  • Time to dump all the new features on the Vita so they can try to sell the same game again.

  • This looks nice, but the steep price of the Vita and memory are just too much for me.

  • See Nintendo, that's how you do cross play. I love the idea that you only have to buy DLC once too. I always hated the complexity of the Street Fighter series, but loved pouring my quarters into these mash ups. I would play as Venom usually.

    PSVita Doing what WiiU will theoretically do in a year, now.

  • If it wasn't for the memory card prices I would buy a Vita!
  • Immpressive.

  • Can't wait! I'm definitely going to get this when it comes out!

  • Give me the machine.

  • Too bad i dont have a ps3 to play the DLC in my PS vita D:

  • I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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