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Ultimate Band

Disney Releases Yet Another Battling Band

As simple, easy-to-grasp music games go, Ultimate Band deserves a nod of appreciation. Sure, these are simplistic cover versions of pop songs, the story is juvenile, and overly easy gameplay dominates the game. But it also doesn't cost $160, and it plays on a game system nearly every family in America with small children has in their living room. Understanding the game is largely targeted to this audience, the pros and cons are a wash, and families should have a pretty good time. A band creator allows you to deck out some zany musicians, and the straightforward, pick-up-and-play motion controls work successfully. Four-person band play is the way to go (no singer, just an arm-swinging frontman), and every instrument feels unique. Keep expectations in check, and your band should have a good time, even if it's nowhere near the ''ultimate'' music game experience.

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  • 7.00
    Disney's Ultimate Band on Wii is a very interesting game for kids. It is a music game along the lines of Lego rock band which means it's aimed for children. However where most music games use some musical instrument shaped controller, this just uses your Wii controllers. that's all you need...
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