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UFC Undisputed 2010

This Fighter Stays In Shape, But Is It Pushing Itself Hard Enough?

How does a fighter who is on top stay in shape when he knows no one can beat him? Without competition, it becomes a mental battle just to stay in fighting form. I feel like the UFC Undisputed series must be wrestling with this mentality. Sure, EA has its own MMA title coming down the pipe, but it’s still an unknown quantity at this point. In the meantime, THQ’s fighter remains king of the mixed martial arts jungle, but it feels a bit like a lazy lion.

Like THQ’s other wrestling title, it’s hard to know where to start with Undisputed. There are so many modes to explore that Undisputed 2010 will easily keep UFC fans occupied all year. Ultimate Fights mode is probably my favorite, as it lets players reenact famous fights from UFC history, complete with Pay-Per-View interviews and achievement-style challenges that will drive you to keep playing matches over and over until you unlock every reward. You can even set up your own cards, so you can finally fulfill those dream match-ups you’ve fantasized about for years.

Of course, the career mode is still here for those who want to mold a fighter from scratch. Starting from the bottom is still a long, hard grind, and you’ll have to plow through several dozen fights before your fighter has enough experience to feel like he’s worth his weight in protein powder. I like that I’m no longer locked into any particular fighting discipline and can freely choose moves from multiple schools, but the career story still isn’t very compelling, so you have to love this kind of menu-driven stat boosting if you’re going to sink your teeth into the career.

Still, the in-ring action is what matters the most, and Undisputed 2010 tightens what was already a solid brawler. The new combo system – or lack thereof, since there are no pre-determined combo strings – means you have to experiment to find out what punches and kicks work best together and how far you can push your fighter before he becomes fatigued. This makes the action feel more natural, bringing each bout that much closer to the real thing. It’s probably the closest a game has ever come to making you feel like you are actually practicing a martial art, just without the sweating.

While it may sound like Undisputed has a lot going for it this year, none of the additions add up to much. This doesn’t feel vastly different from last year’s model, which is my biggest complaint. If you’re a UFC fan and you didn’t pick up Undisputed 2009, this is definitely a superior product. But if you still have your copy of ‘09 you probably won’t find enough fresh meat on these bones to satisfy you

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  • 8.75
    Unofficial Video Game Reviews When I first played the demo for this game. I really liked it, The first thing I thought was: This game is unbelievable. This game has GOT to be at the top of the charts. Well, mostly because these graphics are UNBELIEVABLE, the fighting skills, and blood and everything...
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  • 8.75
    Well it is quite apparent that realism is what the guys at thq were going for. It has over 100 fighters (dont remember the exact count) and it has each of the fighters own personal style for the different varieties of techniques and it has its own generic form as well. There is amazing depth when it...
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  • 8.50
    First off, I love the UFC and I was really excited when I got UFC 09 and I felt that the game was very well put together and it was just a lot of fun. It had some problems but it had plenty more good things than bad. Now, I feel that UFC 2010 fixed, or at least improved, many of the problems from 09...
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  • 7.50
    .. dont get me wrong i LOVE getting on as jon "bones" jones and raising hell in title and title defense modes, but thq really should have added alot more than what they did or even just gave us a character expansion for 2009 and waited another year to add more polish to what they gave us. my...
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  • 9.00
    As real as it gets what "it" refers to is fighting in video games and as far as fighting games go this is the most realistic. A lot of people are taking that saying way out of context no one said this game was going to transport you into an octagon and allow you to move how you want when you...
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