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  • Blog Post: Its ok but not good.

    It has its good times then there bad times gameplay is bad sounds good graphics are ok but storyline is strange. Monsters are stronger then you most of them so tread carefully Not a really interesting game to play dont play this or risen 2 dark waters untill price drops not worth it. More
  • Blog Post: A lot of improvement, but still stumbles.

    I still remember how much of a letdown the first Two Worlds was. I remember getting all hyped up about it, buying it the day it came out, popping into my 360....and after ten minutes or so getting this sickening feeling I'd just wasted sixty bucks. However the game's unique charm eventually grew... More
  • Blog Post: An Improved Sequel

    9.00 The first Two Worlds was awful. The Graphics sucked, the voice acting was almost non existant and the gameplay was bad. This changes in Two Worlds II. The voice acting is still sort of bad but its a really big step up from the first game. The gameplay is a lot better than the first, and the graphics... More
  • Blog Post: Not a good game

    This game flat out sucked. Im still going through and playing it and i just thank the almighty gaming god i didnt buy this game! so far ive beat a majority of the multiplayer campagin to get the trophies but this game is horrible when you first start it really is i had no fun it was hard to figure out... More
  • Blog Post: A Journey Worth Taking for RPG Fans

    Two Worlds II is the kind of game that gets overlooked among all the great offerings from top-notch RPG developers like Bethesda and BioWare. It lacks the level of polish and overall quality that we've come to expect from games this generation, but just because it's no masterpiece doesn't... More
  • Blog Post: RPG fans will Appreciate Two Worlds 2...

    For some reason, I have been watching and waiting patiently for Two Worlds II ever since I saw that they were making a sequel to the first game. As the months went on the screenshots got better and better, and everyone seemed to have fairly good expectations for the game. Being a HUGE fan of RPG's... More
  • Blog Post: Entertaining when there's nothing else to play

    I feel like I need to abdicate the playability of Two Worlds 2. So many gamers, after the aweful original, have completely given up on the series. Clearly, Reality Pump has not. The developers have tackled the issues of the first game and revamped it in this drastically improved (although admitedly lackluster... More
  • Blog Post: Two Worlds II Exceeds My Expectations

    It's common knowledge that the first Two Worlds was bad in many ways. Combat was sloppy, magic looked pitiful, archery was painfully slow, voice acting was absolutely terrible, horses were near impossible to control, the list goes on and on. There were however some good qualities to found in the... More
  • Blog Post: Much better than the first one, I'll give it that.

    I'm going to give two worlds 2 a flimsy 6.5, after the first one I sat back and asked myself, was it really that bad? the answer was yes, hours went into the game and it gave me nothing in return. This sequel improves upon many of Two Worlds faults, but it still has a long way to go before i would... More
  • Blog Post: Two Worlds 2

    4.50 Ah, another one. I remember playing the first Two Worlds 2, beginning as getting the demo on xbox live, then buying the game on pc when it got cheap enough. It was bad on 360 and i knew it would be bad on pc, but im a gamer and i don't turn a chance to play more games down. It was awful, and... More
  • Blog Post: Better than the first, but still..... Throw this one back in the oven, its not done yet...

    This game is very much better than the first one but still should have spent at least another year in the creative oven before they subjected consumers to it. The combat is glitchy and clunky. The world map is vast.... except that around 70 percent of said world is inaccessible to players. The Balancing... More
  • Blog Post: It's no Elder Scrolls, but that's not a problem.

    After hearing all the horror stories from the original Two Worlds, It was hard to have high expectations for this game, but I found myself becoming dissapointed when the game was delayed, and anticipated the date of January 25th. Two Worlds II may not be perfect, but it easily met my mediocre expectations... More
  • Blog Post: Two Worlds II's multiplayer modes are amazing, it's almost like an MMO.

    There are hardly any multiplayer RPGs on consoles, especially with more than 2 player co-op. Two Worlds II supports 8-player Co-Op & PvP, with several modes to choose from in multiplayer, and of course has an absolutely HUGE single-player map. I did not play the first Two Worlds much at all. I borrowed... More
  • Blog Post: Two Worlds II: Learning from the Past

    Back in '07, Reality Pump developed a little game called Two Worlds. Needless to say, it was atrocious. With a horrid appearance, ear bleeding voice acting, and nearly incomparably bad gameplay mechanics, the first Two Worlds did not give the relatively unknown game developers a good mark on their... More
  • Blog Post: Better and Better

    I just got going on Two Worlds 2 from what I am seeing so far they made leaps and bounds from the original. The game play has fairly smooth control, the ability to sprint is a big plus. The Graphics are a above the average 10 times better than the first. The reviews on the first one were horrible but... More
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