9.00 The first Two Worlds was awful. The Graphics sucked, the voice acting was almost non existant and the gameplay was bad. This changes in Two Worlds II. The voice acting is still sort of bad but its a really big step up from the first game. The gameplay is a lot better than the first, and the graphics have really improved.

The story is sort of weird if you didnt play the first due to suckness, Luckily I read a lot about the story on the internet. I think the story is sort of good. I havent played through the story all the way through but  I am currently in Hatmandor. YAY. At the start of the game you cant really fight anything but after you reach level 12 you can just start mowing them down. There is a certain sequence where you have to reach a city and a lot of varns are blocking the way so you have to fight through. This spot is an exception to the "mowing down theory" because there are so many you need tons of potions. You fight through about 6 camps of Varns, and when you finally get to the city a gaurd says you need to get approval from the commander to get through. Overall its a fun game. The voice acting may be bad but its humorous.