For some reason, I have been watching and waiting patiently for Two Worlds II ever since I saw that they were making a sequel to the first game. As the months went on the screenshots got better and better, and everyone seemed to have fairly good expectations for the game. Being a HUGE fan of RPG's, I convinced myslef that I would but TW2 if the reviews were half-decent. You absolutely have to be a fan of  RPG's to enjoy TW2. The graphics are great and the Enviroments are the best I have seen in a long time. The voice acting is, well....terrible. NPC will move their hands 2 seconds after they stop talking and it looks like a bad foreign language to English Sync-up gone terribly wrong. The story is Sub-par. You are basically trying to save your sister from the bad guy from the last game.  It is everything I expected from a RPG gameplay wise. You can loot the deceased, steal, make choices, and choose your dialogue options in some conversations. Weapons and Armor can be upgraded and the Craft systems with Magic and Weapons is fun.

   This game is far from a blockbuster and it's not going to be a game that people classify as great but if you are an RPG fan, give it a shot. Just overlook the small defects and TW2 will turn out to be a great find to bridge the gap between wating on Dragon Age 2 and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. I love Two Worlds 2 and I can almost bet that if you love RPG's as much as I do, you will too.

Sean Lester