It's common knowledge that the first Two Worlds was bad in many ways. Combat was sloppy, magic looked pitiful, archery was painfully slow, voice acting was absolutely terrible, horses were near impossible to control, the list goes on and on. There were however some good qualities to found in the game, albeit they were few and far between. It was clear that Reality Pump needed to step up their game if they hoped for a better reception of the sequel.

I am happy to be able to say that this franchise has done a good bit of shaping up between Two Worlds 1 and 2. While the graphics aren't exactly state of the art they are vastly improved over the first game. Combat has a much more fluid feel to it now, with only a small amount of hit detection problems. Spells are a great deal of fun to experiment with often producing wildly overpowered effects that are a joy to unleash on your enemies. Archery is also easier to perform and has some good upgrades on it's associated skill page.

I found the multiplayer to be the best part of the game even though it only has handful of maps that present little in the way of replayablity, unless of course you create multiple characters. I do feel like there should have been at least twice as many co-op maps than are given, but considering that the first game received a fair amount of multiplayer DLC it is likely that this game will get a similar treatment. All in all I have to say that I am now enjoying this game and will probably continue to do so as long as it receives a steady stream of multiplayer DLC. I can also put it this way; I loved Fallout 3 and played New Vegas, but New Vegas is in my opinion an inferior game to Two Worlds 2.