I'm going to give two worlds 2 a flimsy 6.5, after the first one I sat back and asked myself, was it really that bad? the answer was yes, hours went into the game and it gave me nothing in return. This sequel improves upon many of Two Worlds faults, but it still has a long way to go before i would call it a great game. I am reviewing this game based on what it is, not what it could be, though i will explain my bigger problems with it. Firstly, the environments look great as far as im concerned, I'm not a real stickler for graphics, if a game has a reasonable story then im in to it. Secondly, the quests were... well laid out? At least much more so than the previous game. Voice acting was still bad, if not terrible, but again, better than the last one. Ending wise the game was again a big letdown, unfortunate since the story had so much promise, nice that they gave us free roam after though... but not really, there isn't much to do after completing the main story except navigate through a series of freakishly hard mazes, and the devs mock you with cool looking level 46 gear that you really can't use unless you are playing online since the highest you can pretty much get in the main game is 40ish (i've only gotten 41) Anyways, i'd say don't play this game unless you are an avid RPG fan, or somehow liked the first one (I liked the online in the first one) One strong point is the story, right up till the end where it kind of sputters out instead of going out with a bang.