4.50Ah, another one. I remember playing the first Two Worlds 2, beginning as getting the demo on xbox live, then buying the game on pc when it got cheap enough. It was bad on 360 and i knew it would be bad on pc, but im a gamer and i don't turn a chance to play more games down. It was awful, and so is this. The only improvement I could find was the graphics, the storyline felt very linear and there was little to do besides from it. The combat was bad, voice acting made me turn on subtitles and turn off volume, and the characters were so lacking of personality that I thought I was watching Twilight. The overall gameplay experience is what saved it from getting a 1 in my eyes, getting that nice feeling of this is easy in the long term isn't good, but when it just sparked in my eyes that I'm a boss, it was very enjoyable. And then, it was over. I never beat the game so I cannot make a full review basing it on its story quality, but what I played (6 hours worth) this is what I have come to find. And there you are.

Reviewing is fun :D