This game is very much better than the first one but still should have spent at least another year in the creative oven before they subjected consumers to it. The combat is glitchy and clunky. The world map is vast.... except that around 70 percent of said world is inaccessible to players. The Balancing is pretty lousy towards the end seeing as how you can be a completely brutally tough hero and the last boss can still basically kill you with minimal effort. The story is nebulous at best, your typical evil empire meets dark lord trying to destroy the world plot.... not very inventive or well developed. The voice acting is bad...... REALLY REALLY BAD. The cutscenes do not have audio that synchs properly to the video. Long story short. Rent this game. Dont buy it right away until you find out if you are willing to spend some hard earned money on this half-finished and underdeveloped game. On the plus side.... the visuals aren't too bad and there is a lot of humor to be found in this game. But decent graphics and a hand full of laughs are not enough to salvage this otherwise tedious experience. Plenty of "Go here" Fetch this useless item" quests to be had along the way to an unimpressive conclusion with very weak character development throughout.