After hearing all the horror stories from the original Two Worlds, It was hard to have high expectations for this game, but I found myself becoming dissapointed when the game was delayed, and anticipated the date of January 25th. Two Worlds II may not be perfect, but it easily met my mediocre expectations. The best part is, it may be one of my favorite RPG's. The hack 'n' slash combat, powerful archery, and indepth and customizable magic system makes the combat a blast. The map is absolutely massive, rivaling the size of Just Cause 2's. The deviation from regular RPG settings gives Two Worlds II a Middle Eastern, Asian atmosphere, which is refreshing and seldom seen. The C.R.A.F.T tool for weapon upgrades helps to care of full inventories and duplicate weapons nicely as well. The graphics from the Grace engine are also beautiful, minus the character models, which are rather lackluster. The game does have it's flaws though, with sketchy horse riding, uninteresting plot, and strange default setting that puts the HUD off the screen of your TV (this is fixable in the graphics menu though). The voice acting is also horrible, but this adds to the charm of the cult feeling of the game. The writing is hilarious, and the main protagonist is a jerk. It is off course no Elder Scrolls, but that's like saying McDonald's is no gourmet burger. It's still delicious and fun, and definitly worth a try.